Still Struggling

My IBS worsened after appendicitis in 2017, which was treated conservatively with antibiotics. When my innards refused to settle, after several visits to the GP, I was referred back to the surgeon, no result, back to GP, handed a FODMAP sheet.

IBS makes life difficult

Utterly baffled, I engaged a private nutritionist. FODMAP didn’t seem to improve the IBS and she blamed my underlying Post Polio syndrome. Since then, been back repeatedly to GPs (it’s impossible to get continuity with the same doc) and been given various drugs to inhibit symptoms. The side effects of Omeprazole are horrible so only take occasionally. IBS has made life very difficult. Begged to see surgeon who ordered gastroscopy, found mild gastritis. Since then, symptoms have continued on a weekly basis, I’m often confined to bed, have lost 2 and a half stone.

Feeling let down by doctors

Still my GP did nothing, I gave up asking and tried to manage a low FODMAP diet. Two months ago, I gave up gluten, milk, and sugar. Things improved slightly. Asked GP for a referral to a nutritionist specializing in FODMAP, and tests to determine gluten intolerance for example, as I’m really just working blind. Not possible apparently here in Lancashire UK! Nor are any tests available until I see a gastroenterologist - and heaven knows when that will be. Yesterday I had a bone scan, (which I requested) and was told I have osteoporosis. Very upset. Really feel let down by my GPs. Stress has a big impact on my IBS, and the pandemic seriously increased my insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Quite frankly, in March 2021, I cracked under the strain... I’m now receiving support from the emergency Mental Health team. Not a happy bunny.

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