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Lasix and IBS

After having Covid in May 2020, I noticed shortly afterwards that my ankles were swelling. I was tested, and it was decided that I had venous insufficiency.

Lasix and IBS

I was put on Lasix. What does Lasix do? It's a diuretic and it draws the fluid out of your body - including the fluid in your intestines.
Last month I was diagnosed with Stage 3a kidney disease- that I got after having Covid. The diet for that is mostly fruits and vegetables. I groaned, because I had to be really careful about eating fruits and vegetables, too much and I'd be in the bathroom.

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Guess what? No more diarrhea. I've had diarrhea maybe 3 times in over 1 year. And I can finally eat fruits and vegetables and not worry that it's going to put me in the bathroom.

I also have to take 1g of potassium each day to make sure I'm retaining enough potassium.

I wish I had found out about this years ago!

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