"Just Relax!"

When I explain to people that my IBS is often triggered by emotional upset or anxiety, those dolts then tell me "Just relax!" Oh, WOW, why didn't I ever think of that?

Don't tell me to "relax"

Gosh, I ENJOY being wracked with pain, getting dehydrated, and throwing off all my electrolytes and feeling exhausted and having to run to a toilet. When I tell them that my mother first took me to a physician when I was 3, because I cried every time I had a bowel movement, they then just stare at me. I was born with this, my great grandmother had it, my twin granddaughters have suffered with IBS-C since birth, no, just relaxing ISN'T GOING TO HELP.

We don't tell anybody else with an illness to "just relax"!

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