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Just Dealing

I’ve been dealing with the stomach cramps and pain for over 20 years. I’ve had 2 colonoscopies. Both came back normal. The second said I had a tortuous (my colon has more twists and turns than normal). I hate eating. Especially for the first time each day. The cramps double me over. The pain on my left side is where diverticulitis should be. Its so severe. But I’ve never been diagnosed. I’ve been on bentyl and, amitiza. Now I’m trying the apple cider vinegar thing. It helps some. I don’t want to be dependent on laxatives. So this is my life. I’m just dealing

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  • auntyjean
    5 months ago

    I had a colonoscopy because of suspected diverticulitis but it was negative though found I have a tortuous floppy colon. I see a colorectal biofeedback nurse who has been helpful but it is difficult to get appointments. I was sent to a specialist dietician who put me on a modified low fodmap diet which made me worse. Most laxatives give me bloating and pain but I have just started on linaclotide and getting some relief. Hope you find something to help.

  • obarsher
    10 months ago

    Hi can you try Valerian Root, a natural muscle relaxer? It’s mild and might help the cramping. Doesn’t taste very good, but I used it after I was in a car accident and my muscles were cramping it helped me. I use Potassium tbs. for leg cramps at night, not sure why that works but it helps with RLS for me.
    Follow directions on bottle of course. Hope that

  • Chris Hall moderator
    1 year ago

    I’m sorry to hear how much pain you’ve been in, @mbpfry! So many people in this community go through their IBS journey with no answers, so you’re not alone. I thought you’d be interested in seeing how others have also mentioned that their IBS is worse in the morning: Keep us updated on how you’re doing! Thanks for sharing your story. – Chris,

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