IBS Nightmare

I have had IBS since Oct. 2020. I went to the Emergency Room with bad stomach pains. (They did at CT scan and a MRI). I had been seeing a GI doctor with stomach pain and rectal tenesmus. Since then my pain has become much worse. (This is written on June 10, 2021). I have been back to my doctor several times.

Doctor didn't treat my IBS

She did a colonoscopy and 2 endoscopies (one with ultrasound) and only discovered mild gastritis. She never once asked me about my diet and only said, "I just don't know where your pain is coming from." She only told me to take IBGard for the diarrhea and prescribed Dicyclomine. IBgard stopped my diarrhea for awhile and Dicyclomine helped my stomach pain for awhile, but the pain and diarrhea came back with a vengeance. This doctor never really treated my IBS!

I am now eating one small FODMAP meal a day at dinner time. To eat earlier in the day causes me a lot of pain. I have lost over 30 pounds since Dec. I now have severe stomach pain and heavy diarrhea immediately after eating. I have requested another doctor, but could not get an appt. until mid August. This has disrupted my life terribly. My poor husband. The only thing left for me is another trip to the ER.

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