Irritable Bowel and Multiple Sclerosis

Readers that know of my blog will understand how the bowel system is activated by nerves. The same nerves that go haywire with multiple sclerosis (MS). Getting false readings of when to activate muscles that control not just the sphincter, but the entire digestive system of when food is chewed, to how it enters the stomach.

The bowels and multiple sclerosis

Delayed emptying of these contents into the large and small intestines is a problem with MS, as the muscles may not get the proper signal.

This goes same with urinary tract. But my bowels are the one affected. IBS-C is my diagnosis. Which means constipation. And diarrhea.

Many OTC meds were used to try without success. A upper and lower colonoscopy was done, then many other test to make sure of nothing else. A test to measure the amount of gas I had in my breath. (Done with one of my meds I was on, so quite constipated)

Another measured my stool sample. I had DNA analysis done. This showed me my food map, super foods, ones to avoid, and the bacteria, or lack of some. This helped by passing food map, of eliminating all food, and adding one in at a time. I get extremely bloated, but find simethicone helps.

My GI has me on some strong medicine, along with lactulose to keep things moving, so to speak. A few controlled bowel movements is better than accidents.

Multifaceted impacts to IBS

Guess what I am saying is that many diseases can effect and cause irritable bowel syndrome. These include food, medicines, how you absorb in the intestines, what are your muscles doing as they should or should not, you have some control, but that will vary amongst diagnosis and Drs.

One medicine I was on for eight years. GI took me off, took a month of terrible accidents, and for my MS Dr, to tell him why it works for MS. Then came 6 months later with new GP, who wanted me off same med. Had him speak to my neurologist and GI Dr.

I am still trying to find right items, as constipation and diarrhea are morning rituals, and the need to know where a bathroom is. Still minor accidents, but I know when timing of medicine takes place.

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