IBS Life

Hey, I am new here :)

I have been suffering from IBS since my teens, and I am in my mid-40's now.

IBS Phobia

My IBS turned into a phobia, where I became obsessed with restrooms being available wherever I go. It has hampered me from traveling and doing a lot of things that many people take for granted.

I have the kind of IBS that means that I need to go multiple times a day to the bathroom, and yes usually at times and places that are not exactly practical.

My sister has also developed the same symptoms, and at least we can understand each other and can laugh about our predicament. She started having issues after a hernia operation.


I think the most annoying thing about this condition is that it is so unpredictable and difficult to exactly know when it will strike. I can cope much better now due to my more easy going life-style and because I take some precautions when I go out (use bathroom and for longer outings I use Imodium tablets).

Anyway glad to know that I am not alone, and look forward to sharing some funny anecdotes with you all!

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