I’m 50 now and have lived with IBS-C and GERD for 20+ years. The last 5 years have been fairly good, relatively speaking. My GERD was under control with Nexium and my IBS was being treated by a low-dose anxiety medication called Amitriptyline which I took at night for morning colon spasms. I still had work stress flare ups once or twice a week but I was managing.

Losing its effect

In the last two months, the Amitriptyline started losing effect and my debilitating colon spasms returned. The Nexium stopped working as well so now I have bloating, regurgitation and poor digestion at night and painful colon spasms in the morning that last most of the day. I’m trying to make dietary changes and my dr put me on Hyoscyamine for the spasms but nothing is helping right now. I’m going back to the Gastroenterologist. I feel like I’m starting over.

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