IBS and Cancer

Last updated: January 2023

I have had IBS for many years but not always flaring up. Then in August I started getting bloated and my gastro just threw Linzess at me and that’s it. 2 weeks later, after 3 gastro visits and hating Linzess which wasn’t helping, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian cancer.

Cancer pain or IBS pain?

Surgery followed, some chemo after that but all complicated by IBS. I never knew if it was cancer pain or IBS pain. I’m still never 100% sure. Last gastro said “eat anything” because between lactose intolerant and gluten free I was terrified of food. I lost 35 pounds from surgery in September til now, April. I still go from IBSD to IBSC like on a wheel. I figure all the gastro pain is IBS and don’t run to the hospital. Chemo screws it all up by causing either constipation or diarrhea. And then there’s the Covid 19 lurking.

Staying calm

So needless to say I’ve become very calm and eat any f...Ing thing I want because it’s all too overwhelming. So the best I’ve got to give you all is just be glad you don’t have anything more than IBS as awful as that is. Stay safe!

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