Gut & Neck Problems linked

I thought I would reach out in case my experience helps others. Long story short, I couldn’t eat most foods as I would be in the bathroom within half an hour.

Garlic, Onion, Asparagus, Stone Fruits, Mushroom, baked beans and the list goes on and on, but they were the worst foods. I was starting to following the FODMAP food lists and also Natural Chemical Food List... however...

Neck problems caused my gut problems

I had to have major neck surgery due to a problem I had no idea existed. I had a spur grown out from C6 (lower neck area). It went through the water that protects the spinal cord and it was in my spinal cord. An old injury from what they have put down to whiplash in a car accident 35 years ago. Immediately after surgery I was able to eat all of the above. How many people with tummy troubles have had whiplash in their life... maybe a lot. How many people might have neck troubles and don’t realise they have serious problems... maybe a lot.

This is why I thought I would reach out because I am living proof that my gut problems were linked to my spinal cord - nerve system problems turn into gut problems. I have no answer for it, but had I been in an accident, fallen or hurt my neck on a roller coaster ride (not my thing)... I would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I am sharing this story so it might encourage people to talk to their Doctor. If you have tingling fingers or they are numb, sore on the front of the top of your chest, or shoulder blade pain going down your arm. An MRI could help, an old injury you didn't know you had... might fix gut problem's.

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Leanne (Australia)

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