Getting Diagnosed

Hi there, I have been suffering with what I believe to be IBS symptoms for the past 18 months now and I’m struggling to get anywhere with my Doctor. Every time I have seen my Doctor or spoken to them they have always said the same thing, it could have been gastroenteritis. Sometimes it goes on for weeks others it`s just the odd day here and there.

For the last six months the symptoms have worsened and on a monthly basis I have been experiencing dizziness, nausea, excessive thirst, bloating, loose stools, stomach cramping and headaches. It’s effected me to the point that when I get these symptoms I just want to stay in bed.

I’m awaiting results of an intolerance/allergy test to rule anything out but the more I read about IBS the more I can relate to the symptoms.

I’ve been keeping a record of when I have the symptoms and also a food diary. The doctor has sent me for general blood tests and these haven’t shown anything abnormal. Has anyone any advice on how I should approach my Doctor? Or things that I can do myself to come closer to finding an answer.

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