Double-Edged Sword

I’ve always had a “sensitive stomach.” But I have suffered for years with horrible anxiety. A few years back, the diagnosis changed from GAD to Illness Anxiety Disorder.

Since July I have been experiencing anxiety and IBS. I know there is a connection between the two. I have talked with both doctors, can’t see them in person because of COVID. Both are convinced that I’ve had flare ups.

Is it something besides IBS?

What makes having IBS symptoms even more disturbing is that with my disorder, my mind goes to “Is it really IBS or is it cancer?” That’s where my minds goes, so I’m constantly checking the internet. Is there anyone else that shares this way of thinking? My life with IBS is ruining the way I eat, not wanting to leave the house, and fear that it’s something else, even though I have every symptom of IBS and no symptoms that would make sense it is cancer.

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