Does this sound like IBS?

In 1986 I broke my neck in a diving accident. I have been confined to a wheelchair since.

A few weeks ago I rang 999 because I was getting the most excruciating pain on the right side of my abdomen. I was also suffering from a very tight trust as well. In short, any problems with the heart were ruled out and I was told that the problem was constipation and trapped gas. I've spent the last few weeks taking you three sachets of Laxido each day. That seems to have helped with the constipation.

Unbearable pain

However, the pain is still there and it's getting worse. The pain is absolutely unbelievably bad. The pain comes in the form of waves or spasms. Sometimes I will have an incredibly sharp pain on the right hand side of the abdomen which will then transfer to the left hand side. Then I might get a pain slightly higher up in the centre of the abdomen. Sometimes the pain completely disappears in the abdomen and I can feel it pushing up just under the rib cage into the chest. It's not a pain but just very tight. In fact, it was so bad last night I called 999.

By the time the ambulance came it had started to wear off. However, I still went into hospital and was given the all clear. I am down to see a specialist about these problems but it's taking a long time due to current events. I have been in contact with the local private hospital and I learned to pay to see a consultant.

If this is a severe case of IBS then that would account for everything. I did buy one of those intolerance tests where you send samples of your hair away and they list all the things that you are intolerant to. I've cut out quite a few foods including wheat. Sometimes the pain has been so bad at night I didn't think I was going to see the whole night through. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

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