Help me to determine if it's IBS-D or what?

Hi everyone, I've been suffering from severe pain under/inside my right rib and diarrhea for more than 3 years, sometimes a lot of mucus in the stool (dark red liquid jelly like or solid dark yellow substance). Let me share my story and help me to determine if it's IBS or something serious?

Severe pain

When the pain started it's mild and I've had almost every recommended blood test, X-rays, LFTs and even endoscopy. Every test result came up normal. I've had severe conditions on and off through these three years span and pain got worse over time on the same spot (under right rib) and increased diarrhea. Usually feel severe pain after I wake up in the morning and after a trip to the bathroom, pain intensity decreases but doesn't go away completely. Two doctors said it's IBS, one said it's a liver condition and another one said it's stomach ulcers. Everyone is guessing their own perspective and never got the right diagnosis. Tried different medicines from different doctors but all in vain.

Looking for answers

Nowadays I'm unable to eat anything due to nausea. I can feel a lot of weakness in my body due to diarrhea. All I'm worried about is PAIN on this specific spot under the right rib if it's stomach pain or liver pain. Don't know what to do next to get well, totally frustrated looking for someone with the same condition for help and guide me to the right path.

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