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Bad Gallbladder: My Reason for IBS

After two years of experiencing sharp belly, gas pains, and bloating in my abdomen after eating a deep fried fish fry or deep fried chicken dinner, I finally found out yesterday after my surgeon prescribed a HIDA scan of my GB.

Gallbladder causing symptoms

Turns out I have slow ejection fraction of bile shooting out of my gallbladder when trying to digest fats. Two months ago after reading about a gallbladder diet I gave up all my favorite deep fried food, potato high fat chips, and pizza. I started reading labels of products and making sure the fat grams were lower than 3 grams per serving. Trying to eat whole grain. Adding fresh fruit with each meal. I also changed my milk from 2 percent to 1 percent. Since making all these low fat changes I have not had an episode of 5 hours of sharp pain, gas, or bloating in my belly.

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I still have to discuss with my surgeon when I should have my GB removed. Still to come. But I am glad I know the root of my IBS. Learning how to change my diet to low fat has helped.

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