IBS is Killing Me With Anxiety

Last updated: August 2020

I am a 53-year-old woman. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 20 yrs old and in college and working 2 jobs. It totally changed my life. I had to drop out of college in my junior year and quit my 2 jobs. I was so sick for 6 months straight and as a result, I then developed panic disorder and digestive issues.

Weight gain

At one point I weighed 104 lbs and I am 5 ft 4. At age 27 I started taking Paxil because I could barely function with the panic attacks. This caused me to gain weight...a lot of weight. I have been taking it for 26 years now and I weighed 276 lbs as of March 13, 2020. I recently went through menopause and my weight went up from 265 to 276. I have been sick since July 13th, 2020 and now weigh 255 lbs. I feel like crap and I eat only because I have to.

Just want to feel better

I don't feel well before I eat or after I eat and I get a lot of pain behind my belly button and it radiates into my lower pelvic area. I have a lot of nausea and my anxiety is incredibly high. The things going on in the world right now are making it worse. I just want to feel better. Any suggestions? I have seen my g.i Doc and my family doc and they say my bloodwork looks okay. I was diagnosed with IBS 5 years ago.

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