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Anxiety and IBS

As a teenager, I had some occasional stomach problems, but they would rarely happen often. But now I’m a woman in my mid 20’s, it turned into IBS, and it got significantly worse in the past decade. And I have learned that anxiety does worsen IBS symptoms! I noticed that it started to worsen when I became stressed, scared, and even panicky. What I would think was a panic attack, turned into an IBS symptom, my heart would start racing, I’d get worried and anxious, and it would even lead to some nausea.

After those symptoms, it would force me to go, it still scares me even after it happening so many times, it’s been so bad before, I would sweat through my clothes and have to strip while on the toilet. (It doesn’t happen that severely very often) but I’m on something now called Amitiza, and it’s supposed to make sure you stay cleaned out and not constipated all the time, and I know just because my brain doesn’t communicate with my gut anymore, it doesn’t mean I’m dying. You just be more careful. I’ve also discovered that I need to stay away from severe heat, because it turns out that can set off IBS too, because I’ve even developed a little bit of thermophobia (the fear of overheating) so I always have a fan blowing in my room, unless the power goes out, it’s always on. I know I can’t win, but I can at least make sure I’m comfortable when it happens and not to worry (Matthew 6:34)

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  • Chris Hall moderator
    12 months ago

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, @kuriyamasan! The vicious cycle of anxiety and IBS is so hard to manage. What are some ways you’ve been managing it? Also, I thought you might be interested in reading @hessp‘s recent article about how heat and humidity affect his IBS: Take care! – Chris, Team

  • KuriyamaSan author
    12 months ago

    Praying is one way I manage,I’ve been a scaredy cat all my life..but after accepting Jesus,I saw there was an atmosphere of peace that’s always been there. I still do bad things sometimes,but as long as you pray and ask forgiveness to Him,it always returns and reminds you that you’re not alone.

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