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The acid reflux/asthma connection

There is NO discernible pattern to my version of chronic diarrhea IBS. Neither food nor drink is a reliable trigger. I can have two large vodka lemon cocktails on an empty stomach and feel great and a plate of torn lettuce with a dollop of Hellman's will often prompt painful cramps and explosions.

Respirologist/pulmonologist I trust confirmed the acid reflux/asthma connection.

My theory

My own theory is that long-term use of asthma puffers is likely the cause of my IBS. Long-term use of puffers has not been studied maybe b/c there are no alternative treatments. No puffers = certain death.

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To support my theory, I observe that my explosions do occur with some regularity - every couple of days no matter what I eat or drink. I therefore feel that the puffers create a climate in the gut that produces the condition/s prompting my explosions.

Exercise is typically a trigger so I have to take great care to walk somewhere with public washrooms.

Medical science and testing

We know that no treatment is free of side FX but I find it galling that despite SO many asthmatics, medical science has nothing at all to say about long-term use of puffers!

The tests for bacterial and yeast infection up here in Canada are not reliable. After MDs agreed to the privatization of medical labs, standards at the labs have been in freefall. It's so bad now that test results except in hospital are no longer reliable, IMO. The labs fail to observe basic hygiene.

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