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A long journey

My IBS-D started at least 20 yrs. ago. I have been to 10 GI doctors who mostly prescribed fiber and/or Imodium. When that either didn’t help or caused worse problems, I was told by one doctor, “if you don’t do what I tell you, don’t come back” or “You decide what to do” or you MUST take fiber for 2 weeks or I can’t help you”.

My IBS got so bad, I gave up all activities accept essential things. I suffered both physically and mentally.

As a last resort, I visited a clinical psychologist mainly for depression. However, I mentioned the FODMAP diet and research which I had seen on my computer. She was aware of this and recommended it. It has changed my life!

I didn’t realize that certain foods were causing my problem, ones that I would never thought of. With a list of high and low FODMAP foods, I am at least 75% better! It was difficult at first to give up some foods, but when I think how much better I feel, it is worth it.

I would say you need a support person to get started, someone who is familiar with FODMAP. If you have tried everything else with poor results, give this a try. There are books out now that may help in understanding FODMAP.

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  • Chris Hall moderator
    1 year ago

    Wow, @taylor45! I’m so glad to hear how much following the low FODMAP diet has helped you. That’s so interesting that your psychologist was aware of the diet! What’s been the hardest food for you to give up? – Chris, Team Member

  • Taylor45 author
    1 year ago


  • nlpixie
    1 year ago

    Hi Taylor, I am going to finally get tested for FODMAP, fingers crossed that I have as much success as you.

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