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    Having a rough day

    • I had surgery 3 years ago in december. It was for rectosigmoid resection due to mildly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Although I was lucky as to not needing chemo or radiation, the nightmare of my bowels started then. It went from super traumatic, in the beginning. I was told by the doctors then that it could take up to one year for this to get back to normal, to now being diagnosed with ibs. I have both IBS-c & ibs-d. Mostly D. Sometimes the pain can be unbearable and sometimes it is not SO BAD. I consider myself a very strong person and friends & family would agree with that, however, it can really get me down sometimes, which is why I searched for and found this site. I was told by the oncologist today, that I will have this for the rest of my life and that was devastating to hear. Someone, please help me if you can, with advice, telling your story, words of wisdom, anything. Has anyone had this develope after cancer surgery like I did?

      • Hi, klcaco – I’m so sorry to hear about the rough day, and about your cancer journey. We’re really glad you found our site. This is a great community that understands the just how unbearable IBS. I thought I’d share a story written by a community member about her experience with rectal cancer and IBS: You are not alone in this! I’d encourage you to read other’s stories, too. Please let us know if there’s any other information we can help you find. Take care! – Chris, Team Member