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4 Ways to Workout with IBS

The more I've been consistent with exercising, the more I realize how essential it is for my health and IBS symptoms. Working out must be a priority for us all! I can't stress this enough. It is not only beneficial to your physical body; it is just as beneficial to your mental health.

However, I do understand that working out with IBS can be complicated. We have so many anxieties when it comes to physical movement, as it usually increases the urgency. So what are the best ways to incorporate exercise when you have IBS? Here is what I have found to work the best:

Workout out at home

This is the best way to get in your sweat time when dealing with IBS. Staying home means zero anxiety. You are close to your bathroom, and you have nothing to worry about when having an accident. Even better is the beauty of technology these days allows you to have a personal trainer for free and at any time you like! How? It's called YouTube.

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I do all my workouts from home, and I don't have a home gym or any fancy equipment like a Peloton. I bought a yoga mat for $16.99 and had some old dumbbells lying around that I dusted off. I pop open my computer. Pick a free workout video and enjoy my time moving my body.

For me, I can't do intense workouts or cardio. I stick to yoga/pilates and light weight training. I follow "Move with Nicole" and "Caroline Girvan" on YouTube. They both have excellent videos! I pick what I want to do and viola! It's so easy.

Do not be discouraged if you have to stop

Sometimes, at least with me, even if I am not doing intense cardio, just moving my body can cause the urge to go. The beauty of working out from home is that you just have to pause your video and resume whenever you are ready to start again. The key is not to get discouraged. I know it isn't very pleasant to have to stop in the middle of your workout but just take deep breaths. Use the restroom and calmly return back to your exercise routine. There are times when I take zero bathroom breaks, and there are times when I have to take up to three. The key is to just relax, not get frustrated and keep going.

Allow time for food to digest

Don't eat right before you exercise. I find that this never works out well when you have IBS. I think it's best to have a meal about an hour or two before you work out. You are full of energy yet you don't have to worry about dealing with a full belly, bloating, gas, etc.

Be consistent with workouts

Stay consistent with your workouts! I have seen improvement in my IBS symptoms since I have been consistently doing yoga. What an amazing journey to experience. I absolutely love how my body has been feeling lately, and I find the more I practice yoga, the less urgency I feel while taking a class. It's so empowering!

How about you? Are you consistent with working out? Any tips for someone with IBS? Share below.

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