Telehealth: A Great Way to Stay Home With IBS

I have recently stumbled upon a life-changing thing. I can talk to my doctor without leaving home. All I have to do is make a telehealth appointment. For someone with IBS, this is a big deal. No more fasting before an appointment. No more sitting in the waiting room with a growling stomach.

Telehealth moves to the country

Before you get too worked up because you think I did not know telehealth was available, I will tell you that I have known this for quite a while. The thing is that my doctor did not offer telehealth services before, and I wanted to see my own doctor. Since the pandemic has changed the world, I can now visit with my regular doctor from the comfort of my home.

Living in a very rural area, this is not something that would have been offered if it were not for the current state of the world. No matter the reason for it, I welcome it. I love being able to talk to my doctor without leaving home. Shut up and take my co-pay. I am thankful for it.

Leaving home when you have IBS is hard

If you have IBS, odds are you have spent plenty of time stressing over appointments. Leaving home often means fasting or worrying about accidents. It means always looking to find out where the bathroom is located in case of an emergency. Let’s face it. Leaving home with IBS is a real pain.

With telehealth visits, you do not have to worry about any of that. The convenience of it all made my day much better. It was far less stressful, and we all know how stress affects IBS.

Peace of mind makes everything easier

I was far less grouchy because I was not starving to death, and the fear of an accident was gone. Because of both of those things, I did not feel like I needed to rush through the appointment. I actually talked to my doctor, and anyone who knows me knows that is a rare thing.

I felt far more comfortable speaking to my doctor from home. This led me to actually discuss issues I had been putting off mentioning during office visits. It was much more productive, and that is a big deal for someone who normally skips telling the doctor mostly everything. Who knows? Another visit or two like this and I might actually mention all of my long-standing medical issues. I am certain my family would be thankful for that.

Find out more about telehealth

If you have questions about insurance coverage for telehealth visits, contact your insurance company and ask. Be sure to call your doctor and ask if their office offers telehealth visits. I cannot stress enough how much more convenient it is, especially if you have mobility issues.

From a safety standpoint, it is much better than going to the office during a pandemic or flu season. You do not have to worry about catching whatever virus is going around while sitting in a crowded waiting room.

Have you had a telehealth visit with your doctor? Did you feel less stressed? I would love to hear about your experience with telehealth visits.

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