Surviving IBS in the New Year

Yeah, yeah, yeah…resolution. We will come to the resolution that we don’t want IBS anymore. As ineffective as New Year’s resolutions tend to be, I do believe that they can provide a sort of mapped out starting point for change, and at the very least, a symbolic fresh start. People find resolutions inspiring, and I suppose, that in itself is a good thing. So let’s go with that as a way to begin the New Year and our ongoing battle with illness. Let the New Year inspire you to make the changes you need to make and to maintain the strength needed to continue the IBS fight. Symbolic points in our lives can be powerful and I think we all need all the power we can get at this point.


Instead of making a list of all the things you will do to be a super hero in the New Year, why not take some time to reflect on the previous year and write down successes and setbacks (yes, this is a type of journaling). I think this may provide a good starting point. Clarity of the situation as it exists in this moment, is a good thing, as is honesty with oneself about the true state of the union. I learned quite a bit from 2017 IBS Review and decided on a couple of key things I would like to improve upon. For the moment, ‘a couple’ of key things is enough. If I happen to maintain these positive changes for several MONTHS… not seconds, hours, days…you get it…then I will choose ‘a couple’ more things I need to improve upon. If you say, ‘I don’t have that many things I need to improve upon,’ what you’re suggesting is perfection. We ALWAYS have things we can improve upon, especially with regards to our illness. Sometimes it’s important to think outside the box a little. The changes don’t always have to be about diet, medication, exercise etc. They can be anything that you believe will bring more positive light to your life…anything at all. Oh…and it has to be IBS friendly. Interestingly enough, the two things I chose were not what I expected. Sure, I had several IBS ‘Crash and Burn’ moments in 2017. Were they diet related? Yes, for the most part, but the things I decided to change had nothing to do with diet.

So, Happy New Year everyone…really. I’ve enjoyed very much being a part of this community and learning and listening to all the wonderful voices here. I would not be doing as well managing my IBS or my stress or my ulcers if it weren’t for all of you. I feel as though there are very few places that you can go and learn as much about IBS and the variety of factors that accompany it, than on this website. In case you didn’t notice…I am showing GRATITUDE. Being grateful was one of my ‘couple things’…now if I can just remember I decided to be more GRATEFUL in May….hmm ;)

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