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Quiz: What Did Our In America Survey Teach Us About IBS?

IBS can affect everyone differently, but some things are fairly common among community members. To find out more about how people cope with IBS, manage their symptoms, and improve their quality of life, we conducted our 5th Annual IBS In America survey. More than 1,900 people completed the survey. We learned a thing or two, so we’re interested to see if you did, too.

Test your IBS knowledge

We created a quick quiz to share some of these responses and raise awareness about what life with IBS is really like. To test your IBS knowledge, click or tap one option in each poll and hit submit to see the correct answer. Let us know how you did in the comments! All answers are reflective of our survey data.

Community Poll

What are the top symptoms reported by people with IBS?

Community Poll

In addition to IBS, 52% of people report having _____.

Community Poll

How many people with IBS feel their condition has a significant negative impact on their household finances?

Community Poll

What is the percentage of people who cite stress as a trigger?

Community Poll

How many people feel that their IBS is under control?

Community Poll

The most common complication reported alongside IBS is _______.

Community Poll

What type of support do people with IBS really want?

How did you do?

We learn so much from anonymous surveys like these. Some responses verify what has previously been thought, while others teach us about new aspects of life with IBS. Our IBS In America survey is conducted every year. We would love to have you participate next year and have your voice be heard.

How much do you know about IBS? Let us know in the comments, and tell us if any of the answers surprised you!

The 5th Annual IBS In America survey was conducted online from June through August 2020. The survey was completed by 1,930 people with IBS.

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Do you have a good understanding of what triggers your flares?