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Stressing Times with IBS, Part 1

Through my working years (outside of my home) I was always known as the dependable one. My bosses knew they could count on me to be at work at least 30 minutes early. I have always been praised for being a calm in the storm. I would take work home when allowed just to be able to finish it. That is just how I was raised.

One of my favorite bosses said something to me that really just stuck. She said, “no matter what you are doing, flipping burgers, slicing pizza, or a desk job, at the end of the day be proud to put your name on it.” Being a hard worker is just who I am, but dealing with IBS while working made me work twice as hard just to make sure it didn’t hinder my job. Little did I know the harm I was causing trying to be the perfect employee.

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IBS and stress

I’ve always heard stress could be a big cause of IBS. I thought I was living a stress-free life. I would try to let things go and let it just be. Especially things I had no control over. Years later I look back and can see how much I was lying to myself. I tried to be so much more than I was capable of being to help take the stress from everyone else while causing myself to suffer.

Losing my Daddy opened my eyes. I lost the motivation to be that crazy overachiever in the workplace. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still showed up to work early and was a very hard worker. The stress of losing Daddy made me just see I was pushing myself so hard that not only was my family suffering, so was I. I made a change. I started eating better and made a decision to get a better job that was closer to home and in the field I wanted to be in.

Know your worth

Folks, let me tell you, just because you have a job that pays your bills doesn’t mean you have to stay there. I gave my notice and was able to have a few weeks off before starting my next journey. I felt the weight lift off my shoulders and my IBS seemed to settle. This was the change in my IBS that I had needed. By making a decision that I was almost certain would be a mistake later became the best one I had made.

At this point in my IBS, I was able to maintain by just taking Imodium. Beginning to work in the medical field was day and night different for me. Being surrounded by others who understood my struggle with my gut a little more really made a difference. I still had flares regularly but knowing I wouldn’t get into trouble for needing to leave my desk made me feel appreciated, a feeling I had not felt while working until then. Stress just has a way of finding you though it seems. Please continue reading in Part 2!

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