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Popping a Squat in Disney World Thanks to IBS

Nothing is worse than your IBS hitting you while out in public. When I was in my early twenties, I had a bad public accident while waiting for the subway in New York City.  We’re talking diarrhea running down my pants onto my shoes kind of bad. It was horrific and quite frankly traumatic. I remember running to the nearest Burger King to clean myself up. I will definitely never forget that day.

Thankfully, I haven’t had a bad accident like that ever again until my recent family trip. Here’s my story:

Disney world with IBS

This past month, I went on a vacation to Disney World with my family. I hadn’t been to Magic Kingdom since my childhood, and I was so excited to be going back. The great memories were flooding in and I was beaming as I thought about riding the rides and soaking in the magical ambiance.

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Before I knew it, the day had come. My family and I ate the best breakfast in the morning. Excitement was filling the air, and with full bellies, off we went to the park. Everything was going swell until right after we parked the car. Urgency hit me like a ton a bricks. I had to go and I had to quick.

Here I am in the middle of Disney World’s colossal parking lot. Just rows and rows of cars surrounding me. No bathroom. I quickly went into my calm ninja mindset and began scanning for a private spot where I could pop a squat, while simultaneously breathing slowly to keep symptoms under control.

Finding privacy in public

I noticed nearby there was a construction area with a big fence enclosure. I fast walked my way there as my boyfriend followed. He stood in front of the fence, as I ran inside.

Oh the relief. Not only was the area private, I had my fanny pack on me with wipes, hand sanitizer and anything else I needed. It really does pay to be prepared.

Best of all, no one had any clue. I moved so fast that no one suspected a thing. I was so relieved.

Little did I know, that was only part one of the urgency episodes for the day. Yes, I had another bowel emergency. And this one happened just as we made it to the monorail to head to the actual park. Of course, again no bathrooms in sight. So I quickly shifted my gaze to searching for a large bush.

I found an area away from the crowds that would suffice. My angel of a boyfriend became my body guard and stood in front of me as I jumped behind the bush. Again, I was prepared with my fanny pack and had all my supplies needed to make this issue much less of a hassle.

Keeping a positive mindset

Honestly, all I could do was laugh. I kept a very positive mindset about the entire ordeal. My boyfriend and I were joking the entire trip about the chances of this happening to me twice in one day. Endless giggles. Glad I wasn’t fined for indecent exposure.

How about you? Can you relate to my ordeal? Have you ever had to pop a squat in a public place? Share below, let’s laugh together.

This or That

Would you rather pop a squat in the construction area or the bush?

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