5 Tips for Pool Days with IBS

Don’t you miss the days where you would just cannonball into the pool and enjoy your time swimming in the water without care? Well, enter IBS, and those things sort of go out of the window.

IBS requires a lot of planning in order for anxiety and fear of the worst to lessen. Pool days are definitely still possible with IBS, however, I suggest that you always prepare for the unthinkable.

I live in sunny Florida, so days in the sun and pool are part of life here. Mostly all my family and friends have pools and during the scorching hot summer, we are constantly spending time outdoors swimming.

So how can we make a pool day more enjoyable while dealing with IBS? Here are some tips I have come up with:

Locate the restroom

Whether you go to a public pool or a private pool at someone’s home, there is always a bathroom. Locate it upon arrival. Once you know where it is if there are lounge chairs nearby position yourself as close to the restroom as possible so you have peace of mind.

I highly suggest always use the restroom before you start your swimming. It’s more of a mental thing but knowing you emptied your bowels allows you to relax more and enjoy.

Don’t wear a complicated swimsuit

In case of an emergency where time is of the essence to make it to the restroom, you don’t want to have a complicated swimsuit on. Meaning, if you are wearing something that is complicated to rip off, you are playing with fire.

Pack an extra swimsuit that is identical or similar

In case you do have an accident, always have an extra swimsuit with you. The best idea is to go with the color black or literally buy two of the same swimsuits. Accidents happen as we know and most occur while clenching on the way to the restroom. So just knowing you are prepared and have a backup will give you peace of mind.

Bring safe foods

Snacking while lounging by the pool is a must. But be smart. Don’t snack on something you’ve never tried before. Bring your safe foods so that you can eat in peace and know that you won’t be triggering any IBS symptoms. The same goes with any sort of drink. Don’t start experimenting while you are poolside!

Don’t overthink it

As we all know too well, anxiety triggers symptoms. If you overthink things and are terrified of getting into the pool, then don’t do it. Lounge poolside in some shorts and partake that way. It’s important that the mind is relaxed and in a state of joy so that symptoms don’t bubble up and ruin the day.

How about you? Are you still able to enjoy pool days with IBS? If so, share below any tips you would like to add. We love to hear from you!

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