5 Tips for Dealing with IBS Nighttime Accidents

When you are in a severe IBS flare, it is inevitable, sometimes you have accidents in the middle of the night. And yes, they are horrible.

There is nothing worse than being a grown adult and soiling your PJs and mattress. But if you’re reading this and have experienced this before, at least you know you aren’t alone.

Over my years of dealing with this challenging syndrome, I have had a couple of moments where this has happened to me, and yes you never get used to it. However, there are ways you can be prepared in order to help smooth things over more quickly and get you back to sleep sooner. Let’s take a look at the tips I’ve come up with:

Buy an incontinence pad

If you are in a severe flare and feel as though you may be prone to having an accident in the middle of the night, it’s best to be prepared. So I suggest on those days of having bad flares, sleep with an incontinence pad underneath your sheet at night. I think it’s best to put it under the sheet so it doesn’t move around during the night and it will stay put.

If indeed you do have an accident, only your sheets will need washing or replacing, rather than dealing with a messed up mattress which is much more frustrating. You can order these online easily on Amazon.

Clean sheets

Have a change of clean sheets next to your nightstand so that all you have to do is strip the used ones and replace them. You don’t have to go searching for sheets in the middle of the night, everything is right there organized.

Take a quick shower

I know it’s frustrating to be woken up in the middle of the night and all you want to do is go back to sleep but I highly suggest just biting the bullet and hopping in the shower. It’s the best option to get back to being squeaky clean and if you just get in the mentality of doing a quick shower you will feel better way sooner than if you don’t.

Change of PJs

In addition, have a change of PJs next to you so that changing is quick and easy. Again, you don’t want to have to get up and search your drawers for clean pajamas. The more you have handy and ready to go, the easier the process of cleaning up will be.

Create a calming atmosphere

When it’s all said and done, everything that has to get done after an accident occurs leaves you basically wide awake. Also, for the most part, you become agitated and a bit stressed. So I suggest creating a calming atmosphere in order to get back to sleep as soon as possible.

For me, this means shutting off all the lights, putting on a sound machine, and turning on my essential oil diffuser. Having a calm aroma in my bedroom is so soothing and with the noise from my trusty sound machine, I will be back asleep in no time.

How about you? Have you ever had an accident in the middle of the night? If so, what are some tips you can recommend?

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