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New Year Resolutions and Goals

With the new year quickly approaching, I am starting to see people's goals they are setting for the new year. I'm not going to lie. I am one of those who pick way too many goals that are way too hard to achieve. I work super hard on them for the first month or 2 of the new year and never think about them again.

Setting goals for the new year

I mean, how many times have you set a goal to lose (or gain) weight and put off the diet or exercise program you wanted to start for weeks, then give up on that goal. I am really bad about this myself. Last year, I set a goal to read more. Of course, I went overboard for myself and thought I could easily read 100 books over the year. Here I am now, and I have read more but not close to my goal.

This is all okay, though. I think the whole point in setting goals and intentions is just to do better and be a better person. In reality, that is what we all want, right? Maybe we are just making the New Year's resolutions wrong. This year I am doing things differently. I am going to set small goals that should be easy to achieve but will help me work towards a bigger goal.

I want to eat better, be healthier, but I also know jumping feet first into a big diet change, or exercise regimen on January 1st will feel like a huge daunting task that I won't want to do. I also want to start my own business doing what I love, but I can't just open a shop and expect to be profitable right away. So, I will set small goals to work towards my big ones.

Calculated IBS goals

Maybe I have it wrong, and it won't work, but so far, setting small goals and working towards a bigger one has been the biggest help at finding what works at helping me with my IBS. Slowly finding foods that work for me and weeding out the ones that don't have been a slow process for years has given me the idea that maybe I should do this as well for my other goals.

I plan on continuing on my path of better eating, exercising more, and working on my business, but I will do it all on a small scale. Instead of building the business side of things and going public with it, I will work on inventory and getting everything ready, so I have it all set and ready to go when I can go public. I will slowly build my tolerance for exercise. I have scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, and have limited mobility. Doing these slowly without setting a date to have it done by, for me, makes it a little less daunting, and I will be more likely to really stick to it.

Do you tend to go overboard with new year resolutions as well and never meet your goal? Or have you found something that works for you and helps to keep you on the path to meet your goals?

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