Love Bug Probiotics Review

I tried Love Bug Probiotics for the first time recently, and I fell in love! The Love Bug Probiotic kit that I tried included "Here's the Skinny" for digestive health, "Colds Suck" for immunity boost, and "Yeast is a beast" for Women's Health.

Digestive health, immunity boost and women's health

In a previous article, I discussed from my personal experience whether I believe probiotics are worth the money or not. Some can be very expensive, and have zero results for me. I found that with the Love Bug probiotics, I was able to tell a difference, and they didn't break the bank! With Love Bug's "Here's The Skinny," my stomach was definitely less bloated, and I felt more regular without having to rely so heavily on Miralax.

My immune system is weakened by IBS, stress, and other chronic illnesses. I catch colds and bugs that are going around like it's my job. I usually catch at least one summer cold, but I have yet to have a cold this summer! I have been taking Love Bug's "Colds Suck" probiotic, and have been pleased with the results! Lastly, I have been taking the "Yeast is Beast" by Love Bug. This part of their probiotic stack is specifically for women, and it helps fight off annoying infections. This can be helpful for your overall health and immune system! You have enough to worry about being a woman with IBS, you don't need an annoying urinary or yeast infection on top of that!

Overall, I have been pleased with the Love Bug Probiotics! As mentioned before, I would suggest trying out different probiotics to see which ones work best for you. Everyone's body is different, everyone's IBS is different! I hope that if you give Love Bug a try, you will see some positive results, too!

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