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IBS Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are here! Whether you are thinking about what to ask for gifts this holiday season as an IBS sufferer, or if you are looking for a gift to give an IBS sufferer that you love, this IBS Holiday Gift Guide will be sure to give you some great ideas! Happy Shopping!

Poo-Pourri – $9.95 & Up

Poo-Pourri is an all-natural, before you go, toilet spray. First, you spritz the easily portable spray in the toilet bowl, which create a film on the surface of the water. Second, you poo! The film on the surface acts as a protective barrier and traps odors under the surface, and all you smell is the lovely essential oils! Poo-pourri is a really fun company with fun mantras, like “Own your throne!” You’re not going to want to leave the house without it!

Squatty Potty - $20-$80

The Squatty Potty is all the rage in the world of poo! Myself and other members of the IBS Health Union team LOVE our Squatty Potty! I have even seen celebrities on Instagram, such as Kate Upton, show off her squatty potty that someone gifted her, that even had her monogram on it! The squatty potty gives you a more natural way to poop, by elevating your feet while you’re doing your business. They even have portable options, so you never have to leave home without it!

Ginger & Peppermint Candy & Mints - $2-$7

You know those peppermints on the counter when you leave the restaurant? Did you know they aren’t just there to freshen your breath? Peppermint aids in digestion! I always have a pack of Altoids on hand for my breath, and digestion! Altoids are “curiously strong” too, so I have found that they work the best for my tummy troubles. Peppermint also is a great mood booster. I think that’s a triple win! Ginger mints and candies are also great for the IBS sufferer. Whenever I eat a piece of Ginger candy, my stomach immediately starts relaxing. I highly recommend having these on hand as well! Just make sure they are all natural, and there’s no sneaky IBS triggers in the candy, such as high fructose corn syrup.

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ChronicAlly Box - $25.15-$43.95 + shipping

ChronicAlly Box is the first ever health & beauty subscription box tailored to women and girls living with chronic illness, founded and owned by yours truly! This is a perfect gift for the lady IBS sufferer, curated by fellow IBS sufferers. This self-care pick-me-up in a box is full of products to make sure to bring a smile to your face, help you relax, and make your health and beauty routine easier and better. I can tell my IBS has gotten better while using the self-care products that help me relax! It’s a great item to have in your mailbox every month, instead of just medical bills and unfavorable lab results. Each product serves as your ally for that month, and the box is an ally in itself, by saving you a trip to the mall when you’re too sick, tired, or both. ChronicAlly Box has a month-to-month and pre-paid 3 & 6-month subscriptions that re-new automatically. There is also a Gift Bar if you want to give your IBS sufferer a pick-me-up, that has a 1, 3, and 6-month subscription that do not renew, so you don’t have to remember to cancel. Brighten a mailbox today!

Loose Leaf Tea & Steeper - $4-$15

Peppermint, Ginger, Sleepy Time, Meditative, the list goes on! Tea is so good for the IBS sufferer. My new favorite tea is the loose-leaf tea from The Tea Spot. They even have a Tuffy Steeper that makes it easy to get into steeping your own tea! The founder of The Tea Spot is a cancer survivor, and they give 10% of all sales to cancer wellness and community programs. That’s a cup of tea you can feel great about! They say at The Tea Spot that cancer hates tea, and I can tell you from experience, IBS does, too!

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Comfort Wrap - $10

Most IBS sufferers have a traditional heating pad, but I recently discovered a comfort wrap that features a lavender and chamomile scent, and it is an amazing alternative to the traditional heating pad! Pop this rice wrap in the microwave to heat it up, or freeze it to make it cold for swelling. I usually use it on my neck and shoulders to relieve stress, or lay it across my stomach for IBS pain and spasms. I’m using mine as I write this post! It’s truly lovely.

Color Therapy Book- $5-$10

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and for a good reason! They are healthy, and fun! The majority of IBS sufferers suffer from anxiety, so coloring is a great way to keep the mind busy, minus the worry! Coloring can also take your mind off the pain during an IBS flare.

Essential Oils - $5-$20

Essential Oils are essential for every health routine. As an IBS sufferer, I use lavender the most. It’s very relaxing, and can be sprinkled just about anywhere! I also use a few drops of peppermint oil with an almond oil carrier, rub it on the bottom of my feet, and it helps with digestion! There are also handy roll-on essential oils that have blends such as uplifting, healing, and cheer blends. Oils that make you relax, happy, and healthy! Now that’s a great gift!

Epsom Salts - $5

Most people love a good soak in the tub. For an IBS sufferer, this is vital. When you’re bloated belly makes you feel like your expecting, putting your feet up in a hot bath is one of the best things to do. Fill your tub with epsom salts, and the health benefits of your bath will multiply! Epsom salt baths give you a boost of magnesium, help with digestion, chronic fatigue, and so much more! Soak away!

Massage Gift Certificate - $70-$120

The last gift on the list is a massage. Massages can be pricey, and I know for me, it’s not something that I splurge on a regular basis, even when I need it. This makes it a great gift to ask for, or to surprise your IBS sufferer with! I have gone to the massage therapist just to massage my stomach! I also go for the tension in my neck and shoulders from stress, anxiety, and scoliosis. It’s a great way to relax, with many added health benefits!

Wishing everyone has a healthy, happy, and safe holiday, and here’s to hoping our loved ones see this IBS Holiday Gift Guide! :)

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