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Are Hair Loss and IBS Connected?

After my IBS diagnosis, what happened to me was an unexplainable issue: hair loss and hair thinning.
I'm not talking about losing patches of hair as it happens to those who suffer from alopecia areata, but my hair was much more sparse and less dense, especially on the sides of the head.

I honestly started to freak out. My hair has always been my statement. Having thick, long, and healthy hair has always been part of my persona. I got compliments all the time. This happened on top of a harsh time in my life, and everything was changing quickly, making me even more stressed.

I started thinking about what could be the cause of my hair loss, and stress was the thing that first came to my mind. Ok, then what? I meditate, but I cannot "stop" being stressed. I thus wondered, might IBS have something to do with my hair loss?

Talking to doctors about hair loss

I immediately called my gastroenterologist and asked her if there might be any connection between the 2, apparently unrelated things. She replied that there was a good chance that IBS might be involved in my hair loss, but I needed to see a dermatologist or a trichologist.

I then looked online and found numerous articles about the topic. Thank God I wasn't alone. I decided to book an appointment with my dermatologist; she looked at my hair and scalp and encouraged me, explaining that not having bald patches is a good sign. It means that my hair has the power to regrow and improve. She even confirmed what my gastroenterologist told me.

Hair loss and IBS

Of course, our hair health comprises various factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and care, but mostly, our inner health. As we all know by now, the digestive system is intricately connected with every other part of our body, and it's in charge, among many more things, of absorbing the nutrients to stay healthy and balanced.

This is where the trick happens. All the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients might not be absorbed properly by having IBS. Hence, one symptom might be hair loss. Not everyone with IBS will suffer from a hair issue, but it might happen.

My hair loss issue resolved

Soon after, I took some hair supplements my dermatologist prescribed. She also suggested adding 3 drops of rosemary oil to my palm and mixing it with shampoo while washing my hair regularly, and after 4 months, I can finally see an improvement.

I'm just so relieved, it's going to take time to get my long thick hair back, and I might look a little wild with all these flying baby hair on my head, but I feel so lucky I found a solution to this issue.

I'm aware that hair loss is mostly an aesthetic symptom, but it made me feel sad and uncomfortable, just as much as being super bloated all the time.

I've learned that this is another face of IBS. I got so blessed to find serious professionals who gave me a solution that works for me. If you struggle with the same problem, call your doctor, it might be a very solvable concern.

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