Different Types Of IBS Pain

Different Types Of IBS Pain

Over the years I have felt many different types of pain related to my IBS and when I read or hear about other people’s experience with IBS, pain seems to be a very common symptom. The problem that I have with IBS pain is that how the pain feels and the severity or strength of the pain varies so much. Sometimes it disappears quickly, sometimes it can keep me up all night.

The other thing about IBS pain is that it is difficult to pin down where exactly it is coming from. If I have twisted my ankle for example I can usually see the swelling and see exactly where it was damaged. Plus I can give it a rub, rest it or, or do some stretches, or if it’s really bad take some pain relief medication. But it is so hard to figure out where my digestive pain is coming from because my belly space includes so many different organs and different aspects of the digestive process.

It’s also good to remember that if you are experiencing a new type of pain, or the pain you have been experiencing is getting worse, have a chat to your doctor about it to be on the safe side.

Nausea from IBS pain

Have you had pain like this? When it hurts so bad that it keeps you awake at night? When it takes over your whole body and you really can’t do anything but lie in bed and groan? I get this type of pain on and off but thankfully I’ve never had pain so bad that I felt like calling an ambulance or heading off to the emergency room but I know of others that have.

Pain from bloating

This pain usually accompanies bloating and it feels like my insides are stretched to maximum capacity! Like when someone is blowing up a balloon and it gets so big that if they add just one more breath it’s going to burst with a big bang! Yeah. That can hurt.

Sharp abdominal pain

I could be just chatting to someone, or eating a meal, or driving my car and bang, it hits me! A sharp, stabbing pain. It almost feels like something is moving in my intestines and it’s got caught or something and it’s tearing me apart! Then after just a few seconds or moments, it passes and it’s gone. If I’m with someone they’ll usually ask if I’m ok because I’ve stopped mid-sentence with a grimace on my face!

Sore spots in my abdomen

Sometimes my pain is hidden. I’ll just be going about life and I’ll touch my abdomen for some reason and stumble across a really, really sore spot. So I’ll investigate a little further and poke and prod my belly and yep, every time I touch that exact spot it hurts! Sometimes it’s still there the next day, sometimes it’s gone.

Constant, dull ache in my stomach

This one can be very annoying because it can last for some time and I’ve never figured out the best way to help it pass. It almost like my body is talking to me saying, “you shouldn’t have eaten that!”

Have you experienced any of these types of pain? Or perhaps you've had different types of pain?

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