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Canceling Vacations Due To IBS

Unfortunately, as we all know, IBS symptoms can creep up on us out of nowhere. You can feel great one moment when suddenly, the next moment, your symptoms can hit you hard and stay prevalent for hours and even days; in moments of high stress, the likely hood of this happening is tenfold.

Preparing for vacation with IBS

We can all relate to when a vacation was coming up, and your symptoms flared. Preparation for a vacation can be stressful—the packing. You are coordinating with scheduling with work. Or perhaps you have a pet that you need to accommodate while you are gone. So many things must be organized and prepped before leaving on vacation, and the longer the vacation, the more prep.

Recently, I had a 4-day trip planned for Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. I was so excited as it was the holiday season, and I hadn’t been to the parks for the holidays since my childhood. This year has been great for me health-wise, so my boyfriend and I decided to live it up and enjoy a holiday getaway.

Postponed travel

Ironically, we had planned to make this trip back in 2015, but my health has been so up and down that it has been impossible for us to do it. Going to an amusement park like Islands of Adventures for someone constantly dealing with IBS and Crohn’s flares is no fun. The walking, the waiting in line, and just the physicality of a trip like this call for someone in good health. And Lord knows that wasn’t me until now.

I had to cancel my vacation

Our trip was booked for mid-December, but unfortunately, I started to flare badly the week before. I tried so hard to calm the flare. Eat well. Rest as much as I could. Sleep well. Keep my diet on point. But it just wasn’t happening, and the flare was persistent. I sadly had to decide to cancel, which was so hard. I was so excited to make this trip; it was such a bummer to cancel.

Kind people make a difference

The most amazing thing happened when I called the hotel to cancel. The woman helping me was the kindest and most understanding person and had a family member who suffered from my same plight, so she was beyond understanding. Without any issue whatsoever, she helped me move our trip dates without any fee or repercussions. I was so thankful! Now my boyfriend and I will be going on the trip soon, and I am beyond excited.

Travel tip

A quick pro-tip that I would like to share is the following: if you have a last-minute cancelation, if you are able, always postpone the trip rather than cancel. Most of the time, if you move the dates of your stay, you will not be hit with any fee. This tip has come in handy with me so many times.

How about you? Can you relate to last-minute vacation cancelations due to IBS? If so, do you have any tips you can share? Share below, we love to hear from you.

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