An IBS Autumnal Style Guide

Well, my friends, it's that time of year again. The air is cooling around us, the leaves are transforming into beautiful shades of red, green, and orange, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Best of all? It's time to rediscover your scarves and pashminas, throw on a pair of comfortable jeans and grab your favorite cardigan! Fall is here.

Cooler weather, cooler clothes

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of summer -- or, at the very least, the heat. There's almost nothing worse than feeling sick or down and sweating your butt off. So, whenever I feel that cool chill in the air I instantly want to open all the windows in the house and bath in the splendor of a cool breeze. One of the first things I do when fall is on the horizon is gaze longingly into my closet and wonder what goodies I'll finally be able to wear.

No need to spend a fortune

Whenever a new season arises, I love to find out what new styles and shades are popular. I'm not sure why (I often end up wearing black regardless) but I love to see the colors, the artful interpretations of weather and clothing, and imagine what it would be like to buy a whole new wardrobe simply because a few days have passed on the calendar. Of course, not all of us can afford to buy a new wardrobe, let alone a few new sweatshirts! So, what do we do?

The following tips are meant to help you find that great autumnal look without breaking the bank. How, you ask? Well, I'm not suggesting that you buy new clothes. Just take a look in your closet. Take a step back and look at the clothes you own. What possibilities lay before you? Do you want a new look or an old-fashioned-favorite? Keep your eyes and mind open and don't forget that comfort is key!

  1. Just because it's fall doesn't mean summer colors are history. Sometimes during the fall and early winter it can be difficult to see the brighter side of life. So, don't put your summer clothes away just yet! Keep those pinks, greens, purples and yellows coming, especially in muted tones. This fall is all about pastels, monochromatic schemes, and pops of white. So have fun with your favorite summery baby pink shirt, rock those pastel blue acid wash jeans, and keep strutting those white sneakers!
  2. Even though color isn't dead this fall, you can never go wrong with black. It's safe, it's easy, it's classic, and, of course, it's flattering. Nothing hides a gassy belly better than a nice black shirt.
  3. If you don't already own a pair -- or two, or four -- make sure your fall wardrobe includes some leggings, specifically black or neutral in color. They go with everything, they're warm, and they help achieve one of the best parts of autumnal clothing...
  4. Layers! Tis the season to pile it on. And remember, early fall is unpredictable, so think about what kind of day lay ahead. Sun? Rain? Wind? Layers account for everything. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they tend to hide our bloated bellies, too!

Sample outfit

Find your comfy jeans or leggings in the back corner of your closet. Got them? Good. Now pair that with your favorite summer thank top. I suggest a pastel pink. I know you think it might be cold for a tank top but trust me, I'm going somewhere. Sometimes summer decides it's not ready to sleep and likes to ruin a perfectly cool fall day. Next, it's time to layer. A thin cardigan in a neutral shade can go a long way this fall and matches just about any outfit, pants or a skirt, and can be stylishly tied around the waste during warmer parts of the day. Lastly, grab your favorite light coat, perhaps a jean jacket or blazer (black works, but don't be afraid to use white or a complimentary pastel). Now before you leave the house, don't forget to put on those cute white flats or sneakers you wore all summer. They're a great addition to any outfit this fall.

And there, you've got it. The perfect autumnal outfit -- and you didn't even need to go shopping.

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