10 Handy Tips For Drinking More Water

10 Handy Tips For Drinking More Water

Somewhere along the way you may have been told to drink more water. If you experience constipation it may help pass stools more easily and if you experience diarrhea it can help replenish lost fluid.

But many people find it really hard to drink enough water. They may not feel thirsty. They may prefer to drink other beverages with more taste. Perhaps the water from the tap tastes awful and buying bottled water can be expensive. Or maybe they just forget or are too busy to drink water.

If this sounds like you, then here are some tips that I use to increase my water intake when I forget to drink enough

1. Infuse your water

Adding simple fruits, herbs and vegetables to a jug of water or water bottle can really add quite a lot of flavor! Berries or mint and cucumber or even slices of orange can all help

2. Use filtered water

You could spend a lot of money on a filtration system but some filter jugs are relatively cheap and can really take away a yucky tap water taste, plus if you keep the jug on the kitchen bench or in the fridge you can also track how often you are filling it and how much you are drinking.

3. Measure how much you are drinking

I use a 600ml/20oz water bottle and I know that I need to fill it 2-3 times during the day to get the amount of water I need. So I try to drink one bottle my mid-morning, one before mid-afternoon and another bottle before and after dinner. But not too close to bedtime otherwise I'm up all night!

4. Take water with you everywhere!

I carry my water bottle with me everywhere in my bag, in the car, on the train, at my desk, on the kitchen bench. Sometimes treating yourself with a nicely decorated or insulated water bottle can even help with motivation.

5. Create a timer

You could put an alert or alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to drink. Or stick to yourself notes where you’ll see them like the bathroom mirror, on the fridge door or on the dash of the car.

6. Swap other drinks for water

If I’m struggling to drink the amount I need for the day I’ll often ditch another drink and swap it with water to make sure I get enough.

7. Have a glass of water beside your bed

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up can help you feel refreshed and ease gently into the day. Plus you can add the amount to your daily total without even having stepped out of bed.

8. Download a water app

There are a number of apps which will send you alerts to help you track your intake and you can input how much you are drinking to keep a tally. Take a look in your app store and try a few out.

9. Make a game of it

Set yourself a goal and if you reach your target for one day or even one week then reward yourself with something nice.

10. Don't be afraid of failure

It doesn't matter if you don't reach your target one day, just try again the next day. If you've tried one of the tips and it doesn't work, then give something else a go. It can take time to create a new habit before it becomes second nature so remember to go easy on yourself.

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