Michaela Pace

IBS Community Advocate Michaela PaceMichaela Pace is a NYC-based actress and artist . Born in Cortland, she went to school at the University at Buffalo to study theatre. After graduating 2019, she landed her first professional job working on a Paramount film that was being shot there. She was ready to go and move to NYC in early 2020 but then the pandemic hit. She eventually moved to NYC in September, adopted a cat, and is now gearing up to head back into the grind of the acting industry.
IBS began to rear its ugly head her junior year of college, making early morning classes, erm, a feat in itself to complete without a run to the toilet. Working on the film made it more apparent that something wasn’t quite right-you can’t keep running to the honey wagon if you’re needed every two seconds!

Flash forward to October 2020. A diagnosis! Finally! With the help of her mother (a certified nutritionist), IBS.net, and trial and error, she has found ways to manage her symptoms and is on her way to making day-to-day life less dramatic. She looks forward to sharing her trials and tribulations with everyone in this community and supporting others with their journey.

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