Emily Downward

IBS Community Advocate Emily Downward

Emily is a master certified life coach, health educator, and professional medical writer, who is passionate about empowering people to be their own health advocate and enjoy life with more peace and joy.

With a love of learning, Emily followed her inquisitive nature into health education to understand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of well being. She worked at a non-profit cancer organization when the internet came along, and she was tasked with creating the organization’s first website. Emily recognized the potential of the online space to empower patients with the information they need about their health, and she pursued a career in digital marketing and communications. At the height of that career, she realized the need to make a change, to follow her joy and create a life that was more conducive to her own health and well being. She studied and became certified as a life coach to help others learn how to follow their inner guidance and create happy, healthy lives. Now, she's back to writing, taking what she learned from life coaching and health education to inspire people to empower themselves to manage their health.

Through it all, Emily has dealt with several health challenges, including IBS. She understands first-hand the frustrations patients face in getting the right diagnosis, finding treatment options that work, and living life to the fullest, even while coping with some physical limitations.

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