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Why I Appreciate This Community

In the spirit of IBS Awareness, I wanted to show appreciation to this wonderful community of people who share my pain. I have never felt so comfortable about being vulnerable with a bunch of strangers, and it helps me not to feel alone at times. A huge THANKS to this wonderful platform for allowing a group of people with IBS to come together and support one another. If you agree that you can come to this community and be vulnerable without fear of judgment, please comment below and let us know! Thanks!

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  • DLCogg
    4 months ago

    I just love this web site, and this whole community of supporters, and writers! Never did I think I would actually have a laugh about my IBS, HessP, but you make me see that keeping a good attitude is an important tool to overcoming this condition. Keep up the good work and know that what you do is valuable to many.

  • HessP moderator author
    3 months ago

    You have always been so supportive of not just my writings, @dlcogg, but of many other contributors on this site as well, and it truly means so much to us. Keeping a good attitude is very important because it allows us not to give any/too much power to this syndrome. I believe happiness is always worth fighting for no matter how bad the pain is or can become. =) I’m so glad to know what we’re doing here makes a positive difference! In that case, sending more positive vibes your way, and as Kelly said, thank you for being a part of our community! Stay strong! – Hess, Team member

  • Kelly Dabel, RD moderator
    4 months ago

    Thank you so much for your feedback DLCogg. So glad our site and community are helpful to you. We appreciate you being part of our community. Best, Kelly, Team Member

  • ExplodingGuts
    4 months ago

    Here, here! Each time I think my tbsp of apple cider vinegar in c of water has resolved my problem I get another very humbling flare-up.

  • HessP moderator author
    4 months ago

    I totally understand, @explodingguts! There have been times when I’ve taken something that normally brings me relief, but, for some reason, it doesn’t stay consistent after a while. I’m no expert on why this happens, but my theory is that maybe there was something we consumed prior that is interfering with the effects of said remedy. And just by my own experience, I realize there is no perfect remedy for my IBS… yet. In other words, we’re gonna have our good AND bad days. However, doesn’t mean we should lose hope and allow misery to step in. It seems you know what works for you and that tells me you are doing a great job at managing your symptoms the best you can. Sending positive vibes your way and keep fighting the great fight! Thanks for sharing and please know we’re always here for support! Best – Hess, Team member

  • webdeb704
    4 months ago

    Yes, great platform! It’s nice to know that you are not alone in dealing with this dreadful disease! Love reading and sharing all!! Thanks!

  • tmholland moderator
    4 months ago


    So glad you feel as though you are getting some support from this site. I think one of the things people with IBS struggle with most is the ‘other’s don’t understand’ factor. Well…there are certainly an awful lot of people here that DO understand. Thank you for your contribution and kind words. -Todd, Team

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