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  • Hi, I am new. I have had IBS for years. I don't know anyone else that has it. I have IBS-C. When I have a flare up I am totally exhausted afterward and completely drained for the rest of the day. Does anyone else experience this? Thanks!

    All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season isn't always the best you IBS. Do you have specific holiday triggers? Let's discuss!

    Has anyone had success with adding this to their daily regimen? I ran Across this article when doing research.

    Which part of your invisible illness do you wish people would see and understand? We want to hear more about your journey with an invisible illness.

    I have been having a flare up of IBSD going on 4 weeks now..It has taketaken over my the extent that I cannot leave my my stomach hurts all the time am scared to go to my Dr. Am thinking the worse...

    If you're suffering from IBS, you know how unpredictable flares can be. Are there any routines you've established that help off-set flares? Any routines that you tried, but didn't work? Discuss below!

    IBS can really be a pain. We hear frequently how pain is a daily struggle for many members of the IBS community. How do you manage your IBS pain?

    What types life hacks do you have for managing your IBS symptoms? Use any smartphone apps to help track symptoms or diet? Share with the community below!

    About 10 years ago I started having severe stomach and upper GI pain. At that time is was localized to that area. Nothing helped and no particular thing seemed to cause it. It just came and left me doubled over in pain for days. A doctor diagnosed me with IBS 2 years ago. She said" you have depression and anxiety therefor you have IBS". She gave me tramacet for pain. I have been treated for deppression and anxiety for 20 years so that part is right. Over the years I have tried every diet, meditation, buscapan, OCT medication, probiotic to no avail. In the past 2 years it has moved down to my abdomen with all the textbook symptons for IBS-C. The buscapan gives relief for the abdomen spasm but I still have debilitating stomach pain. I lived on Mexico for 8 of the last 10 years and was treated several times with antibiotics and anti parasite medication a year for Ecoli and parasites. I go back to my doctor this Friday. Any advice or suggestions for some tests. I have never had any diagnostic test done. My life is ruined by this. There has to be some answers out there. Thanks.

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in February. However after another doctor performed a second colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with Crohn's. I spent 7 days in the hospital and was given an injection of Remicade. It went well and I was released. When the next injection was due I had a severe allergic reaction and treatment was stopped only 20 minutes into it. My doctor took precautions the next time, but I still had an allergic reaction. The next week my doctor had it approved for me to get Entyvio. I had no problem with this medication. Yesterday I had my second dose. Everything went well. I am not sure, but I haven't seen many people on this medication yet. I felt a little better a week after my first dose. I was just wondering has anyone had Entyvio, and how long it took to feel good?

    We hear many community members speak of the other chronic health conditions they live with along with IBS. Coping with IBS can present many challenges on its own, so this June, we want to discuss managing multiple conditions with you! Do you have any tips or advice? Just want to vent? Share with us below!

    I am 75 and have had IBS symptoms for many years along with stress issues which do go hand in hand for me. Have used Miralax for a while with great success must stop it after a few days due to unexpected bathroom trips at unpredictable times and places. Had anyone else used Miralax?

    I have IBS-D but not ALL the time. My dr. gave me Viberzi samples but I'm afraid to try it bc I don't have diarrhea every day. Is it still ok to take it even if you don't D everyday? Has anyone tried it?

    As you know, the IBS community supports one another in staying healthy and comforting one another when things go awry. Part of staying healthy is engaging in regular self-care. What’s self-care, you ask? Self-care is all about looking after and taking care of yourself – in a healthy way. In fact – regular self care has been shown to help people improve their mental health, manage pain, have fewer flare ups, and more energy. It can be hard to put yourself first and attend to your own needs – and so we want to help support you. That’s why we’re taking the next 14 days to celebrate being #SelfCareAware. We’ll be sharing easy ideas on how you can do it and checking in to remind you! In the meantime, tell us: What do you do on a regular basis to practice self-care? Share by replying below!

    It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to an end – and another year of challenges, frustrations, wins and #fail are almost behind us. Looking back over the year, whether you are newly diagnosed or a “pro” with IBS, how would you describe 2016? Has 2016 been an especially difficult year or have things gotten better for you? OR What symptom has improved the most for you over the course of 2016? Share your thoughts below!
Viewing 15 topics - 81 through 95 (of 95 total)