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  • Are these symptoms normal?! I am scared!!

    I have bowel issues, where I have feelings of incomplete bowel movements, often, sometimes alternating from constipation, and diarrhea, mostly constipation. I am straining when I have a bowel movement, I do get a “full” feeling, and dull pain, on the left side of my abdomen. It gets better when I have a bowel movement, but it starts back up once I eat something. I have not lost weight, in fact, im gaining weight, and there is no blood in my stool. I do have clear mucus in my stool often. My main complaints are the feeling of incomplete bowel movements, and the “full” feeling in the left side of my abdomen under the rib cage. Some days are worse than others. I am male, 25, and there is no family history of colon cancer. What is this im concerned thank you.


    Does anyone notice Daily or weekly patterns with their issues?

    I know Anxiety has patterns that we need to be aware of. But I’m noticing that my Bowel can be very sluggish on Mondays, but come Tuesdays my Bowel is out of control (now slightly over active) despite my constant incomplete evacuation!

    Just a pattern I’ve noticed. I’ve sometimes worked from home Tuesdays and even called in before.

    I’m thinking some of it is changes in sleeping/meals etc on the weekend. I try to keep the same patterns on the weekends, but let’s face it, sometimes you eat a meal a little later or feel like staying up a bit later.

    But Anxiety and Depression play a HUGE role in my IBS and I know I get super anxious on Sundays thinking about the week starting…

    One of my big goals for 2019 is to be more cognizant of my IBS symptoms, but even more of my thought patterns. You can trace / track food and IBS symptoms, but I feel like my mental health takes such a big toll on me that I need to focus on the following:
    First catch the “thinking errors” and then, second having ways to “disarm” them and get back to a better/neutral place mentally.

    I just bought a pack of ACT cards, so I can practice some new thought habits on a daily basis. ACT stands for acceptance and commitment therapy.

    I’m also trying Tony Robbin’s Priming “Technique” in the Mornings for the new year. This is sometimes hard when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, ha.

    What are your Patterns?

    What are your 2019 Health Goals?

    Anxiety getting the better of me!

    Hello to all,
    This is my first post, but I have learned much by reading member’s posts.
    I am 70 and in pretty good health….but, four months ago i developed diarrhea and bloating in my lower abdomen. My doctor diagnosed me with IBS. I had a colonoscopy a year ago and it was negative. She said this is the gold standard for ruling out anything else.
    SO, I began feeling better by eating low FODMAP and taking Hyoskyamine. I went off that and began eating sweets (I love them!) I am back to ground zero. However, my stools are almost normal, but the belly discomfort occurs every time I eat. This results in anxiety which I am sure makes me worse. Has anyone had success with the Fodmap diet? I have lost 20 pounds in a short time, but I know why – I have cut my calories by over half for the past several months. I just don’t have an appetite. I read that IBS and weight loss are not connected! Can anyone relate?

    My story

    Hi, new to this forum.

    I was in college a few years ago and failed out. Not because I didn’t care, but because I was fighting anxiety and IBS.

    I would get the chills constantly in class, I always had the urge to go to the bathroom and I would find relief on the toilet. I was embarrassed and didn’t seek help until I got kicked out.

    I was put on Celexa for anxiety which has helped my IBS a little. As I am typing this I have the worst stomach pain on the right side of my stomach… went to the doc and she said it could be the beginning stage of appendicitis but could also be ibs flaring up. Anyone else have this pain?

    I had to quit googling symptoms because I would believe anything the internet said. Once I had a 2 day headache and thought I was dying. I look back and laugh now, but it’s so real.

    im looking to reach out to all of you for guidance and tips or tricks that help you guys and gals.

    New here; Scared to Go to Class and Bullied By Dorm Neighbhors

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here. I’m not sure sure if I truly have IBS but I’m in a dark place in my life because of my GI so I thought maybe I’d find some sympathy here. I was very stressed out when I left my home but, since I started grad school my life has been hell. I don’t know if a combo of stress and not eating on time caused it but one day out of nowhere, my stomach and bowels had started gurgling and making weird, embarrassing gassy sounds in lecture and since then it had never stopped 24/7. It used to do this all day and all night and the apartment dorm building I live in has paper thin walls, all my neighbors have been hearing it day in and day out. They’ve taken to harassing and bullying me when they can non-stop since then. Especially the girls who live next door (our bedrooms are separated by a thin wall). I understand they’re frustrated but I can’t control it. I stay mostly in my room now and barely come out, trying to ignore all the harsh things people say, and the guys who live across the inner courtyard will watch my room through the balcony and spy/gossip/film me although I haven’t been able to prove it to authorities yet. Then later on, next door will complain about me (now they hate on everything I do without reason) until late at night. I have a hard time going to sleep, fearing my stomach will make these embarrassing sounds and hearing them humiliate me. If they hear something they make fun of me amongst themselves then go to my other neighbors across the hall and tell them and they’ll ridicule me together.They know I know what they’re doing, so they’re sneaky about it since they watch and listen for my every move. It’s a whole gang surveillance kind of thing where I’m the target. I had a similar situation at home, and now I’m dealing with it again – but this time on my own with no one round me for support. Some of them are in my class and they’ve been mocking and ridiculing me and spreading rumors all over the small city campus I’m in so random strangers will point me out and laugh at me too. Perhaps cyberbullying, I’m not sure because I don’t have social media and I’m not sure how all these people know me. Everywhere I go, I can’t find peace. My suite-mates hate me and do the same behind my back while ignoring me to my face. I’ve talked with higher-ups and they’ve been unprofessional- ridiculing me behind my back with everyone else (maintenance, etc.) I’ve also had acid problems. People think I’m hungry or that I’m overreacting. Right now I’m taking PPis and they’ve helped some but when I sleep I still make these awful noises. And eventually I’ll have to come off of them. Last night, I woke at 3 in the morning trying to contain my stomach noises but failed for a good 2 hours and I overheard my suitemates and roommates talking and laughing about it it since this morning. The building is so quiet you can hear a pin drop unless people are talking – then you can hear every word. All this bullying is making me stress more than I am already. Because of it, I’ve been skipping classes and avoiding my cohort who legitimately look down on me and will drag me for sport behind my back. They all attack and criticize me behind my back. It’s too late to transfer back as I had originally rejected my state school to go out of state, but it’ll look bad to beg them to take me back. Deadline shave passed. And the lease I signed is unbreakable – I can only go to 2 other apt. buildings with the same setup in this area if and only if they have space (which they don’t) so really, I’m stuck here for the whole year until August. I’m scared and trying to keep it together but no matter what I do, I’m still not sure if it’ll change anything. Nothing has showed up on my test results so far so I’m unsure if there is any solution when I don’t know how to deal with everything.

    How do I cure IBS?

    I cured myself of this suffering with two things that no doctor knew and I had to look for my life to treat me. After a thousand doctors and a thousand towel rolls, I found these two solutions with which I have been without symptoms for two years:

    1. Lyon’s Mane (This in concrete)

    2. Diatomaceous earth

    3. kijimea IBS

    If you try, tell me your progress since I was desperate without any solution.
    May you have happy holidays and a new year full of health!

    Side effects of IBGard- cold all over

    Hello- I recently started IBGard at the recommendation of my GI. I does seem to help with my severe stomach cramping, but I have a weird reaction in that when I take it, my whole entire body feels extremely cold. And it’s worse if I drink water right after. I called their help line thinking i cannot be the only one who has experienced this, but they informed me that no one had previously reported it. I should note that my body temperature does not actually drop, it stays normal. But I feel freezing cold throughout mist of my body and especially my feet. Just wondering if anyone else may have had this experience. I am hoping it’s not a dangerous thing because even one day of this product really helped me so I want to keep taking it.

    Ketogenic diet

    I was diagnosed with IBS-C in 2001. The intermitting years have been very painful: mostly severe abdominal spasms, often accompanied by nausea/sometimes dry heaves. Along the way I discovered the IBS diet as described by Heather von Vorous on her website. I am grateful to this diet for the help it provided along the way. However, recently I decided to try accompanying my husband on his Ketogenic diet, even though it is practically the opposite of the IBS diet I had been trying to stick to. My IBS diet: low-fat; high soluble carbs. My new Ketogenic (Keto) diet: high-fat; low carbs (cut out sugar and white flour). To my surprise and delight the keto diet, as long as I stick to it, has put my IBS in remission! Feel free to contact me with any questions.


    i have had bowel trouble for 5 months my doctor has told me all my blood tests are ok all my tests came back ok so whatever it is they cannot tell me yet i still suffer from it has anyone else had this trouble for so long ? regards lynn

    Digestion issues

    Hi, I’m not sure if I have ibs or not, but I wanted to see if anyone else has similar symptoms. I’ve been to 2 specialists and things just aren’t getting better.

    3 years ago after having my first child, I developed hemorrhoids. It was on and off for a few months and then I noticed digestion issues. There was never a rhyme or reason (eating or drinking certain things) but would just randomly feel the need to go to the bathroom. And it had to be right then. It seemed to be mostly gas. About a year and a half later I got pregnant with my second. The problem still continued on and off until about a month before my daughter was born. Things completely cleared up and I no longer had any issues. But after having her, the hemorrhoids and eventually digestion issues came back. Now over a year later I’m still suffering.. There are days when I don’t have many problems at all, but there are others that are really bad. I’m always fearful of going anywhere or doing anything because I never know when it’ll hit. It’s neither diarrhea or constipation… Just gas, then cramping and I’m able to go with a normal consistency. But once I go I’m totally fine with no more pain.

    Night time can be the worst. It seems like I can only lay on my back.. If I turn any other way, the urge to go to the bathroom hits and I’m constantly having to get up. I very rarely have a whole night of uninterrupted sleep.

    Both specialists just recommended increasing my fiber intake, but this didn’t help. I’m hoping things eventually get better like they did last time, but I wanted to see if anyone else had similar issues.


    Don't know where I'm going wrong with my diet?

    I’ve suffered with ibs for over 5 years. I’ve discovered in that time I’m lactose intolerant, react badly to gluten and caffine , I also cannot have chocolate , sweeteners , and a few other various items. I wake up most mornings with the urge to go the loo – most of the time It’s diarrhoea or not very well formed stools.This happens a few times over the course of an hour of two everyday .The pain lasts usually for hours even after I’ve passed a few stools. I often feel a lot of pressure or a slight ache from my abdominal area.
    I often have problems with my bladder as well. I often wake up with a serve pressure / aching pain radiating from my bladder . This often gets slightly better once I’ve urinated but the pain can sometimes linger for hours. I’m recently trying to cut down on my sucrose sugar as I believe it’s causing me problems. Anyone had any similar symptoms or any advice? After 5 years of suffering and no help from the doctors I’m crying out for anyone’s advice? Or even just someone who can relate! Thanks 🙂

    Feeling down could use some suggestions

    Hi all
    I am new here and I am a pretty positive person despite 20+ years of severe IBS-d ( since I was 30). My problem started about the same time as I developed PTSD from a very abusive marriage. I got out of the relationship but as anyone who has been in this type of situation can attest the abuse only gets more violent after the split. My PTSD has actually gotten much better over the years and I no longer have panic issues though at times I still have some issues with insomnia due to hyper vigilance. But overall I am a pretty balanced and happy person.

    I have been happily remarried for about 15 years and have been dealing with IBS-D pretty well until about 3 years ago. I had pretty much figured out the fodmap diet instinctively pretty quickly because most of those foods are killers for me and will land me on the T for hours on end. I have blessed in the fact I do not get cramps or pain like some others. Just that horrible feeling and i am rushing to the restroom. Up until 3 years ago I was teaching. I would wear male incontinence pads backward(they just seemed more absorbent and had less leaks) so just in case I did not make it in time. But I my boss knew and put me in the only classroom that had an adult restroom in the room and since I taught KG I always had an Assistant in case I had to “run”.

    I have tried all the meds i have heard mentioned here and a few others. I can not take any of the anti-depressents because they give me insomnia something fierce. Bentyl was the same. I tried off label use of Welchol (a medication for Cholesterol that absorbs bile ) And that helped for a while but it started causing me to bounce from D to C in even low quantities and that is soooo much worse and caused internal bleeding.

    But 3 years ago even as the PTSD came under control the IBS when insane. I have not had a D free day in years. Imodium no longer helps. And it has become so acidic my rear is literally burned from the constant problem. I have had to stop working out of the home(i work online for chump change now). I can not risk not making it to the restroom and having the acid burn get worse it anymore so pads are out of the question.

    “staying Hydrated” has become an almost impossible task. I think I would almost have to drink 3 gallons a day to make up for the fluid loss of having D 7-8 times a day. I now have various vitamin deficiencies due mal-absorption. The vitamin issues have caused painful muscle spasms in my legs and now I have nuro and breathing symptoms also that may be related to the dehydration.

    I had a colonoscopy at gastro about 10 years ago when they officially decided it was IBS-D and sent me packing back to primary with no advice or solutions. I am planning to have another this year. I am also planning on switching doctors for a new perspective and I hope some solutions, but that has not helped in the past. I live in GA and the fact is any decent docs here are taken up by the CDC. Of the doctors that are accepting new patients in the area far to many have board actions. The few good ones are never taking patients.

    I am just lost. I was hoping for some advice. My main advice is a little embarrassing. Has anyone else had the burned bum issues and is there any solution. Vaseline seems to make it worse not better as do diaper rush ointments. Any other meds that help. Diet just does not work anymore. Though some foods make it worse, nothing makes it better. I have eaten nothing but rice for days at a time and still the problems persist. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.

    Just feeling lost. The funny thing is IBS has disabled me. I can’t do anything anymore. My life is tied to the restroom. Yet despite that my doctors act like nothing is wrong because I am fat. I am fat because I am ALWAYS hungry because everything i eat goes right through me. And to be honest since All of my weight is in my stomach I suspect a large part if it is simply bloat. My doctor actually acted shocked to see the sores on my bottom when she did my last pap. I asked her what she expected after years of D. I think she thought I was lying all this time. In her imaginary world if I really had IBS D I would have to be skinny.

    Sorry for blowing off steam I just feel lost and I am soo tired of feeling like this.

    IBS or something else?

    Hi. I have always had digestive issues. GERD and Acid Reflux. But in the past year, I started having bowel inconsistency. Different textures. But the problem that worries me the most is I’m passing accessive amounts of gas. Most of the day i feel the gas in my rectum and after meals, i pass get regularly multiple times as if it’s constantly generating. I dont have abdominal craping or gas bloading in the front. The only bloating I feel is right in the rectum when the gas piles up. I don’t really have diarrhea or constipation, its kinda in between. Every one I read abotu with IBS usually has bloating and pain. So where could my excessive passing gas problem coming from?? I fear its colorical cancer since passing excessive gas is one of the symptoms. I have had a colonoscopy 9 months ago and there was just some flora problem or similar, they said it was fine. and 6 months after i started having this problem.

    Any insights or similar experiances? Please help

    Feel Like My IBS-D Is Ruining My Life

    I’m new here, and I just need to vent. As the title of my post says, I feel like my IBS-D is ruining my life. I’m 33, and I’ve had IBS-D since I was a teenager, about 14 years old. So I’ve had it most of my life. I also have social anxiety and epilepsy (from a brain tumor I had removed when I was only 8 months old). Back to the real issue here. My IBS is so frustrating. I barely eat anything, usually have one meal a day at dinner. Sometimes I’ll eat breakfast if I’m in the mood, but most of the time it’s one meal a day at dinner. I usually have one meal because I get so scared I’m going to have an IBS flare up. I make sure to stay hydrated, don’t drink alcohol, soda, or coffee. Do love my tea though. Most of the time I drink either green or white tea, and do drink herbal teas on occasion. I do enjoy black tea, but as a major tea lover, I make my tea from loose leaves and have a loose leaf tea maker. Black tea is the trickiest to make in my Breville Perfect Tea Maker so I don’t drink it that often. Sorry, I’m practically making this into an article about tea!

    As for my IBS, I’ve tried several things to treat it. I saw a gastro doctor two years ago, and she suggested I get a colonoscopy (that was fun, not!), start taking probiotics, and she put me on Bentyl. The probiotics and the Bentyl usually help, but I’ve noticed, and I even told my parents this last night, (but they didn’t believe me. My dad even said ‘Oh, you’ll be fine!’) that I was nervous to eat the pizza they got. Even though I only had two slices. It was from one of those, as I call them ‘generic cookie cutter’ pizza places that you’d find on every corner and it all tastes the same. The locally owned shops that usually make their pizza extra greasy. I clearly told them last night my stomach can’t handle the extra grease. As I said before, my parents thought I was full of nonsense, making mountains out of molehills, and worried over nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the pizza was good, but a few hours later, after I had taken a shower, I didn’t feel well, got a sour stomach, and had an IBS flare up. (for about 20 minutes). I took some Immodium and drank some herbal stomach calming tea to help the flaring go down. This is just ridiculous! I’m so sick of IBS making my life miserable, and preventing me from eating foods that I want to (like pizza) and being scared to eat in general. It’s so sad that I only eat 1 meal a day (although I will occasionally eat 2), because I get so scared I’ll have a flare up!

    Can a colonoscopy worsen IBS?

    I had a colonoscopy today as part of my journey to finding out what is causing my frequent loose stools and vague abdominal discomfort. The colonoscopy was the last in a long line of tests I have had done so far. The colonoscopy showed absolutely nothing wrong with my colon. Excellent news, of course, but I am still having diarrhea 7 hours after the procedure, and it seems as if the lunch I ate when I got home from the hospital passed through my entire system in about 5 hours. I am not sure if this is a lingering result of the Pico Salax I had to take last night and this morning as part of my colonoscopy prep. Has anyone else found that a colonoscopy worsened IBS symptoms? I am assuming I have IBS as all the tests I have had show nothing else wrong.


    Has anyone used this medicine? Work? Doesn’t work?

    Ameliorating Symptoms

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, but have a couple of tips to share. I get “attacks” with pain, diarrhea and constipation and my guts feel like a snake writhing around that can last for days. After years of feeling at the mercy of my IBS, I’ve found a couple of strategies that help put me in control. When symptoms begin to creep up, I drink tea made of peppermint and fennel. It slows down the cramps and diarrhea. My second go-to is my heating pad. Between the two, my belly is soothed, cramps recede and my intestines stop rumbling.

    Symptoms subsidised

    Hi there,

    I’ve had IBS now for about 3 years now. I’ve tried many things, but eventually just decided I had to live with it.

    My general symptoms are going to the toilet 2 or 3 times a day, constipation and diarrhoea at the same time, gas all day and excruciating pain if I didn’t let it out. Suffice to say, I have spent most of the time at home.

    I’ve always been a very light eater, and so I’m very thin (6’3″ and 150lbs). I had tried eating properly during the early days of my symptoms to no avail. However, recently I decided to start weight training at home so I could bulk up a bit, and also started eating for bulking. I didn’t notice any changes to my IBS initially, but it’s been about 3 months now, and the past week has been almost symptom free (this has not happened since I developed the symptoms)

    I’ve been thinking about why this is; perhaps my bowel muscles were weak, and I have now strengthened them? Any ideas?

    competent GI practitioner in Minnesota

    Hello. I’m 37 years old and have had GI discomfort for over 10 years. I’ve tried multiple different diets and recently visited a GI doctor who ran some expensive tests (MRI and Colonoscopy) and “everything looks normal” so he prescribed a fiber supplement. I know from experience that fiber makes my symptoms worse. The only thing that seems to help is fasting. I’ve recently listened to lectures by Dr. Allison Siebecker and Dr. Mark Pimentel. I now realize my symptoms seem to point to SIBO. How can I find a doctor that truly understands SIBO? I’m afraid I’m not an “easy case” and I don’t want to waste time and money on another ordinary GI doctor who doesn’t understand the complexity of SIBO / IBS. Does anyone know of a doctor in central Minnesota who knows the work of Dr. Mark Pimentel and could help me diagnose and treat SIBO?

    Anxiety and IBS

    New member here, and I’d like some input. I saw a GI in July, and he did bloodwork and a stool sample. Both of those were ok—so he gave me some meds and probiotics. After a few weeks, diet changes, and being on the meds, I was doing much better when I went to my follow up appointment. So, he just suggested to follow that treatment. Well, my diarrhea has been pared up for a couple of weeks now, and my anxiety is through the roof because of it. All I think about is my bathroom habits. The diarrhea only comes after meals. Do you guys think I should go back for a colonoscopy? Is my anxiety likely to blame for this flare up?

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