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  • I've had IBS for something like 23 years. I assumed it's something I'll just have to live with the rest of my life, until recently I came across the work of Dr. Mark Pimental. Dr. Pimentel has devoted his life's work to attempt to defeat IBS, and he has come up with some interesting discoveries. I would strongly urge you to read this article here: Basically he says that IBS is caused by SIBO. SIBO is caused by a case of food poisoning. There is a blood test that can determine whether you actually have IBS with 98% certainty. It's a blood test for the biomarkers anti-cdtB and anti-vinculun. Your gastroenterologist likely has never heard of these markers, but if you push hard enough you should be able to get them to run this test for you. In addition, you need to take a SIBO breath test. The blood and the breath test complement one another and are how you determine your treatment plan. The information dictating the treatment plan can be found in the link above. You should strongly urge your doctor to read that article as well. Search Youtube, there are quite a few videos of Dr. Pimentel discussing different aspects of IBS. I recently learned that I was triggering IBS events every day because I was using artificial sweeteners like stevia. There is tons of good information in these videos... There are plenty more. Hope this gives you a good start in the right direction. Good luck.

    I must use suppositories 7 times a day to relieve bloating and expel gas. But suppositories cause more bloating! Has anyone solved this problem?

    After 3 years of doctors moving me along and giving me too many ineffective medicines to count, I decided to do some research on natural healing. For the past 4 years, I have been treating myself with a lot of natural Peppermint. (Side note: I did this research because my doctors literally told me that there was nothing more they could do for me. This may not work for everyone, and you should definitely consult your doctors if you wish to try it. Please be aware that dosages and allergies apply for everything.) I grow the plants, make the oils and teas, and am constantly learning new ways to use it. Turns out you can add the oil to food, liquids, and use it for aromatherapy. I find that as long as I ingest it in some way, it helps. However, it doesn't help all of the time, and I still struggle with many symptoms. Has anyone else found alternate ways to help manage the symptoms?

    Has anyone tried Linzess? And if so what was or are your results?

    Has anyone had to go to jury duty while experiencing IBS symptoms? How does the court handle it?

    I'm being treated for SIBO. After a week of antibiotics+probiotics I've just started with VSL3 sachets (another probiotic). Today it's the fifth day I've been taking it but...from the first day I'm having continous meteorism and bloating! The absurd is that this probiotics should be the treatment for my SIBO (which is related to meteorim, bloating and diarrhea) but side effects are very similar to my basics problems! Do you think it's normal? Thanks

    My Doctor has me on 30mg's of Imipramine per day, taken at bedtime. I have been on it since late June. I am still having terrible irritation after a BM ( that is all about 1/2 inch balls ) that can last a day. My question is WHEN does this drug start working, if ever?

    Hi, I'm yash I have done colonscopy and biopsy due to stomach pain and Change of bowel The colonscopy result said it the colon is normal My doctor have said that I have microscopy colitis, my biopsy revealed that. He have give me pentasa and duspatalin but my pain remain the same! Here is the report '' biopsy comprises mainly colonic mucosa fragments show features of mild to moderate non-specific chronic colitis'' '' No dysplasia / malignancy seen " Do I have microscopy colitis ?

    I have had IBS for 22 years. Sometimes it is mild with very few symptoms. Other times I have bouts for three months with lots of abdominal pain. I had my gallbladder removed on August 1st. My IBS has been quite painful since then Can surgery cause IBS to flair up? I will take any suggestions for pain management.

    I was diagnosed with IBS D & C in 2017, even though I had issues way before that. I alternate back and forth. I have tried pretty much every diet known to man. Now I just try and stay away from sugar and greasy foods, because those always make me ill. As far as all other foods, I can eat let's say baked chicked on Monday and be fine. I can eat the baked chicken the next day and get sick. So strange. I think with some of us it's not just the foods we eat, it's other factors.

    Should I leave gluten out off my diet ??

    I have double trouble because I suffer from both IBS and diverticulosis. Both flared up after a colonoscopy. Draining psychology effect on me. I take probiotics but they don't work like they use to. By the grace of God, I have to keep going.

    I’ve had IBS for 7 years and feel like when I find a long term effective solution, something happens to what i used. At first I used kaolin tablets. they settled my stomach and let me leave me house and continue college, unfortunately these were stopped and I dropped out of college due to weeks on end of not being able to leave my house. I then found out kaolin and morphine mixture was back on the shelves and loved this. I was able to work normally. I loved being free again and able to go to work, see some old friends and in January I was stopped. I’ve not seen it around since and I’ve had the worst time ever. IBS in general is an awful illness, like seriously I wouldn’t wish it up on enemy! I now no longer work and even find it a struggle to leave the bathroom. I’ve removed all my trigger foods a long time ago and anything else that triggers me goes to that long list and never to be eaten again. I’ve reached my end. I have no idea where to go from here because living everyday in constant pain isn’t living at all.


    I'm sorry for this long post, but I would be very thankful if you could read this and if anyone else have gone through similar problems and it turned out to be IBS, let me know. I am male and I just turned 40. Almost two years ago I started having bowel movement trouble. I was often constipated for several days and then when I finally did go to the bathroom, the stools would be quite soft, the consistency was somewhere in between normal and diarrhea, and often very pale. I also occasionally woke up with a faint stomach ache which would go away later in the day. I saw my house doctor about this in early 2018 and he ordered a bunch of blood tests. He said the results came back proportionately normal. He also had me do a fecal test to check for possible blood in my stool, and it came back negative. He speculated that I may be suffering from some kind of food allergy or possible IBS. Nothing was further investigated though. I tried experimenting by eliminating various food out of my diet, and while the stools would improve for periods, and then go back to being worse, I didn't feel as if it had anything to do with what I ate. It just kept changing for no apparent reason. Earlier this year, I saw my doctor again regarding my constipation problems. The doctor took new blood tests in April, which according to him showed nothing abnormal. He took a blood test to check for gluten intolerance, which came back negative. He also prescribed a granule mixture medication. The granule is not dissolving but more of a gravel-type consistency and it is supposed to be swallowed whole together with a glass of water. This is to regulate bowel movement. The medication worked great at first, and I was going to the bathroom basically once a day once I started taking this medication. The stools consistency also seemed to improve (not as loose as before). However, approximately a month ago, I started having: -Stomach pains, not just in the morning but throughout the days. -An unexplainable feeling that resembles a hunger sensation, although I don't think it's real hunger because the stomach doesn't growl. Sometimes, this sensation would be reduced when I ate something, but it quickly returns. I tried to eat a lean diet, like boiled fish and rice, and I cut out acidic drinks like orange juice. Nothing improved. The doctor prescribed Omeprazole which he said may reduce the stomach pains in case it's caused by excessive stomach acids. I have been taking it, along with probiotics, but nothing is helping. As the days went on, the problems kept getting worse. I started feeling nausious, kind of like a motion sickness. The hunger sensation was now constant, and wouldn't go away anymore even when I ate. I would also get stomach pains whenever I DID eat something. I was also badly constipated and over the counter laxatives and Magnesium Citrate did not help. I finally decided to contact a clinic who specializes in digestive diseases and they performed an EGD and colonoscopy on me monday July 22. They did not find anything, no inflammations, Crohn's disease, ulcers, tumors, polyps, etc. Everything looked good. They took two biopsies to check for Celiacs disease and some type of infection, but the biopsies both came back negative. Right after the procedures my intestines / abdominal area hurt a lot, worse than before I had the procedures. But I figured that was because the instruments they used may have irritated my intestines and it would get better after a couple days. I do however still, nearly a week later, experience abdominal pain. The pain is beneath my belly button, not just on one side but all over. It's not a very strong pain, but it's uncomfortable, kind of like a cramping feeling. That hunger feeling is also persistent and when I do eat I feel full right away, like I'm bloated. So I feel the false hunger feeling and bloated at the same time. It's the best I can explain it. Does it sound as if I am suffering from IBS? From what I read online, IBS symptoms flare up and stay for a few days, but this is just not going away. I have tried cutting out fruit juices, dairy, fibers, fat, carbs, lactose, gluten etc. Nothing is helping. I am on the verge of being underweight so a very lean diet doesn't work for me anyway. While I was eating boiled food (which also didn't help) I dropped down to 132 lbs (I'm nearly 6 feet tall). I have since then been forcing myself to eat fatter food and managed to gain a few pounds back. The lean diet was not improving my IBS-symptoms anyway. Right now my stools are very hard too, and I go approximately every other day. Is it likely I would develop IBS when I was nearly 40 years old, and would the symptoms stay for a whole month? How do you diagnose IBS? Is it even possible? I get the impression the doctors are just guessing it's IBS and they don't really know. What else could it be that I am suffering from and any suggestions on how I get it to go away? What can I try? Did anyone else here develop these problems so late in life, and did the symptoms ever stayed for over a month for you? Please, any suggestions are welcome.

    I've started suffering from IBS 5 years ago. My episode then went on for about 8 months or so . That means having diarrhea everyday, not being able to leave the house for about 3 or 4 hours after I've woken up, skipping school, feeling always tires.. I think you know what I am talking about. For the next 4 years things went smoothly, as in I would have diarrhea like one day out of five, but I could handle that with a bit of loperamide. But 4 months ago, I started to have diarrhea everyday again, and it's totally ruined my social life. I have no idea how to explain it to people, and I just can't. I always have to skip things, I try to wake up at 5 if I have to leave at 8 but sometimes I just snooze the alarm and I have to skip my education. It's always the worst in the morning. Is it like that for you too? I find myself unable to make new friends because I am embarassed to explain it to them. People always seem to think that it's your fault when you're sick. I am starting to believe that it's my fault too... I just feel like I can't do social life anymore. I am afraid of travelling as it's hard finding a toilet. I am so tired of living with IBS myself and I just can't cope with seeing the people close to me getting tired of me living with it too. Also, I can't stand being told to do things anymore. Stop eating meat! Start drinking more water! It's your fault, you have to stop doing that! How can people who have 0 knowledge of IBS compared to the 1000 doctors I saw really believe that they know more about it? Has anyone experienced similar things?

    Hi all- I am currently developing an app that is meant to help guide users through the low-FODMAP diet. Brief Description of the app: Our app will have a meal planning feature that will offer the user a wide range of delicious low-FODMAP recipes to choose from and then generate a shopping list for them. The recipes are all inspired by the motto "food as medicine" to ensure that the patient is both healthy and adhering to the diet. Additionally, the app with have a symptom tracker and guided support during the Rechallenging phase of the diet. Some things I am curious about: 1) Given that the low FODMAP diet is very restrictive I am curious if anyone has tried the low-FODMAP diet and thinks it is realistic for patients to stick to a completely low-FODMAP diet for months? 2) What are your general thoughts about this app proposal and do you think it would be something you would use? 3) Finally, if you have tried the low-FODMAP diet: How did it go? What do you think would have made this an easier experience for you? Appreciate any and all feedback, after all this app is being created to help improve the lives of those with IBS!

    Hi guys, I'll tell you my story. I am 38 years old, I lived in South America from 2012 to 2017, and then returned to Italy, my land. I have always been a delicate person of gut, a little emotional, but the problems started a few months ago, while I was back in South America (sometimes I go back there for familiar reasons): adodminal discomfort, which disappeared after defecation, both at right than left. When I returned to Italy I was no better, my stools always changed (creamy, sometimes chopped up, etc.), but abdominal discomfort decreased after I eliminated bread and pasta. I was visited by a gastroenterologist with abdominal palpation and intestinal ultrasound. The doctor found nothing to worry about and gave me a prebiotic treatment. For a month and a half I was much better, now I'm not good again. After 4-5 days I always have an attack of diarrhea after breakfast, even if I have already gone to the bathroom when I wake up. Faeces always change, sometimes to pieces, sometimes creamy, sometimes normal, always different. I called the gastroenterologist again, which I hope to see this week. He says I have to feel comfortable, that I have nothing pathological, yet I would like to go back to being as good as before. For now he says that a colonoscopy is not necessary because when he visited me he found nothing abnormal, and that I only suffer from an irritable colon. What should I do guys? Should I accept my situation as a person suffering from irritable bowel disease and keep these annoying symptoms (morning sickness, bloating, loose stools)? Help me

    Anybody got better using this antibiotics? i read it can be taken in two ways : -one week, 800mg per day - two weeks, 1200mg per day the second possibility is used to cure dysbiosis, that is one of the main causes of IBS. any experience?

    In the wake of contracting diverticulitis, I was diagnosed with IBS. The frequent pain from the IBS has me in a constant state of fear that its not IBS but a reoccurance of diverticulitis. Does anyone here suffer from both IBS and diverticular disease? Do you have any coping strategies? I've been near suicidal with anxiety for months now.
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