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    Has anyone used this medicine? Work? Doesn’t work?

    Don't know where I'm going wrong with my diet?

    I’ve suffered with ibs for over 5 years. I’ve discovered in that time I’m lactose intolerant, react badly to gluten and caffine , I also cannot have chocolate , sweeteners , and a few other various items. I wake up most mornings with the urge to go the loo – most of the time It’s diarrhoea or not very well formed stools.This happens a few times over the course of an hour of two everyday .The pain lasts usually for hours even after I’ve passed a few stools. I often feel a lot of pressure or a slight ache from my abdominal area.
    I often have problems with my bladder as well. I often wake up with a serve pressure / aching pain radiating from my bladder . This often gets slightly better once I’ve urinated but the pain can sometimes linger for hours. I’m recently trying to cut down on my sucrose sugar as I believe it’s causing me problems. Anyone had any similar symptoms or any advice? After 5 years of suffering and no help from the doctors I’m crying out for anyone’s advice? Or even just someone who can relate! Thanks 🙂

    Ameliorating Symptoms

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, but have a couple of tips to share. I get “attacks” with pain, diarrhea and constipation and my guts feel like a snake writhing around that can last for days. After years of feeling at the mercy of my IBS, I’ve found a couple of strategies that help put me in control. When symptoms begin to creep up, I drink tea made of peppermint and fennel. It slows down the cramps and diarrhea. My second go-to is my heating pad. Between the two, my belly is soothed, cramps recede and my intestines stop rumbling.

    Symptoms subsidised

    Hi there,

    I’ve had IBS now for about 3 years now. I’ve tried many things, but eventually just decided I had to live with it.

    My general symptoms are going to the toilet 2 or 3 times a day, constipation and diarrhoea at the same time, gas all day and excruciating pain if I didn’t let it out. Suffice to say, I have spent most of the time at home.

    I’ve always been a very light eater, and so I’m very thin (6’3″ and 150lbs). I had tried eating properly during the early days of my symptoms to no avail. However, recently I decided to start weight training at home so I could bulk up a bit, and also started eating for bulking. I didn’t notice any changes to my IBS initially, but it’s been about 3 months now, and the past week has been almost symptom free (this has not happened since I developed the symptoms)

    I’ve been thinking about why this is; perhaps my bowel muscles were weak, and I have now strengthened them? Any ideas?

    competent GI practitioner in Minnesota

    Hello. I’m 37 years old and have had GI discomfort for over 10 years. I’ve tried multiple different diets and recently visited a GI doctor who ran some expensive tests (MRI and Colonoscopy) and “everything looks normal” so he prescribed a fiber supplement. I know from experience that fiber makes my symptoms worse. The only thing that seems to help is fasting. I’ve recently listened to lectures by Dr. Allison Siebecker and Dr. Mark Pimentel. I now realize my symptoms seem to point to SIBO. How can I find a doctor that truly understands SIBO? I’m afraid I’m not an “easy case” and I don’t want to waste time and money on another ordinary GI doctor who doesn’t understand the complexity of SIBO / IBS. Does anyone know of a doctor in central Minnesota who knows the work of Dr. Mark Pimentel and could help me diagnose and treat SIBO?

    Anxiety and IBS

    New member here, and I’d like some input. I saw a GI in July, and he did bloodwork and a stool sample. Both of those were ok—so he gave me some meds and probiotics. After a few weeks, diet changes, and being on the meds, I was doing much better when I went to my follow up appointment. So, he just suggested to follow that treatment. Well, my diarrhea has been pared up for a couple of weeks now, and my anxiety is through the roof because of it. All I think about is my bathroom habits. The diarrhea only comes after meals. Do you guys think I should go back for a colonoscopy? Is my anxiety likely to blame for this flare up?

    IBS Fissures

    Hey does anyone else have problems with fissures with there IBS? I had a painful one last week when I was eating out with my brother and parents,and had another one just now with PMS on the side 😭

    2 antispasmodics at same time?

    Is it normal to be put on 2 different antispasmodic meds at the same time? I’ve been on Mebeverine for about a month and I don’t feel any benefit so I say my GP today and told him the constant pain isn’t easing at all, so he’s put me on Alverine too! He told me to keep taking the Mebeverine as well? I just hope they work, I’m so pissed off and worn down by the constant pain 😟 paracetamol don’t help either.

    Bloating IBS-C

    Does anyone know what our intestines and colon are undergoing when we are bloated? Is it inflammation? Flatulence? Irritation? I am just curious for a biological reason for the bloat? If it is gas, why won’t Gas-X take care of it? If I pass a lot of gas and have a BM, I’m still bloated.

    IBS-C Newly Diagnosed and Full of Questions

    Hi Forum, I’ve been recently diagnosed with IBS-C. I’ve read a lot about it on the internet, and while the diagnosis seems to fit, I have some questions about the nature of this ailment, maybe someone here can help enlighten me.
    I had a strangulated ventral hernia 3 months ago, which required emergency (open) surgery to repair. I was lucky that a resection was not required. I was a week in the hospital.
    My recovery was slow, and soon kind of fell flat. The incision was healing well, but I was having intense cramping pain in my abdomen, especially at night. It was severe pain. I was constipated, and magnesium citrate and Miralax didn’t seem to help. This went on and on. My doctor prescribed Dicyclomine for the cramps, and it has helped somewhat. Along with the cramps, I have lots of gas and water in my gut. The gurgling is poisitively symphonic. The noises are amazing in their variety and volume. This has been going on every day for the last 3 months, since the surgery. X-ray of abdomen was normal. I was astounded. How could it be normal? There is nothing normal about my digestion. It’s weird because I never had any digestive problems at all. I’ve always eaten whatever I want to eat, and have always been regular, generally. Is it unusual to have sudden onset IBS after a surgery like this?
    I’m wondering about frequency and timing of symptoms. This pain and constipation has not let up. I have had it every day for 3 months, with a brief semi-respite of a day and a half following a bout of explosive diarrhea. Accordning to the new Rome criteria, diagnosis of IBS required experiencing symptoms at least 3 days a month, or 1 day a week. I only wish! Is every day unusual for this stuff, or not? Also, my symptoms are about 5X worse at night. Is that common for IBS?
    Also, I’ve started the low FODMAP diet … kinda. I’m checking it out, and avoiding sugar alcohols, lactose, and gluten. Nothing seems to make much difference. Eating anything sets it off. I’ve lost 25 lbs.since late June, when I had the hernia surgery. I am thinking of supplementing with Boost Very High Calorie nutritional drinks. I need to be able to maintain my weight. Does anyone have any experience with similar?
    Lastly, I’d like to hear any recommendations for probiotics. I’d like to do pills/capsules instead of yogurt, which sets off the symphony of the winds and waves in my belly.
    Also, I really hate that this has happened to me.
    Thanks for any info!

    New to the Forum, and constantly in fear

    Hello, I am new on this site, and the Forum. I have been suffering on and off for about 12 years or so, but officially since my first colonoscopy, at 44. I had an early colonoscopy because I was certain I had colon cancer, and was out of my mind. My results were completely normal and was prescribed Xanax. Since then I have been on various antidepressants and sedatives, and had many good periods. And then, 2 and half years ago I was given multiple strong antibiotics for tooth infection & surgery, and got C Diff Infection. ALthough I was successfully treated ( and pretty fast considering how people can suffer long from it), my IBS became much worse. Everything I use works fine until it does not. I also have very high anxiety, severe depression, OCD, and now, abnormal fear that I will have to take antibiotics again, sometime in my life. Any suggestions, or piece of advice is welcome. I am also kind of due for another colonoscopy, but I heard it can flush out one’s good bacteria, that I have been working on rebuilding for more than 2 years now. Sometimes I feel so scared that I want to end it all – but I know I will not in reality.

    Colonoscopy Prep

    Well here is my problem! All the doctors want me to get a colonoscopy and they just don’t understand that when I take a regular over the counter laxative and go to the bathroom three times my stomach is killing me. I have benetyl and it doesn’t really help when it is hurting that bad. I can’t imagine the pain I would be in with a full clean out and don’t know what to do. I have been putting off having one for that reason.


    Not sure if this subject is on this site somewhere as still getting lost…so I have had IBS D for many years… I think radiation to pelvis in 1985 started it but doctor said that has healed. Anyway, my daughter is wondering about having my bowl removed and using a colostomy bag….is that an option as now daily diarrhea and frequent stomach pains regardless of what I eat.

    Fodmap diet

    My stomach, intestines, well they hate me. I have had stomach troubles all my life. So recently my GI put me on a low fodmap diet. She says that it will change my life. I believe in the diet and i kneo in order to end this misery i will have ro conform to this dietary lifestyle. But I am having a really hard time commiting and applying myself to it. I try to eat correctly then i slip up. The stomach pain, spasms, nausea, bloating has nearly handicaped me. How can grasp this diet that i know i need? I stay so stressed out. Everyone around me just eats and eats and grans whatever, whenever they wants. For me, i feel like its a full time job trying to manage my diet. Too much thought and preparation goes into it and its so time consuming. I hate food. I hate dealing with it everyday but its essential to life. So anyone out there got any advise for me on dealing and coping? Its not easy for me. It seems so easy for others that have IBS. How can i live at peace with all the restictions my stomach puts on me. I just want to be normal.


    I am 70 years old and have had IBS D since I was 16. Tried everything to manage this condition but it always wins. Right now I am trying to follow the low FODMAPs diet having slight relief some days. IBS really is in charge of my life.


    Should I leave gluten out off my diet ??

    Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy

    I have suffered with IBS/D for about 40 years and it still gives me fits! I take the meds, try to alter my diet (does not help that much) and stay home 99.999% of the time. IBS/D took my terrific job as a HS Choral Director of the best performers and singers that could be in a HS singing group, and I just couldn’t stay out of the bathroom. I couldn’t teach from there, so I ended up on Disability in 1995, and here I am, with IBS at home! I do have a terrific GI Dr and my next venture in my IBS/D life is Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy. I am finding some great info on line, so it is worth a try. Since my colon just can’t seem to control itself, maybe this device will give it some help since IBS/D has a mind of its own. Has anyone tried this? I am just starting to research it, so maybe help will come. The meds help some, but they also give me a fast heart rate; so, I am going to make an appointment with my cardiologists to make some adjustments since giving up the meds would be horrible. I am finding good reports on the Medtronic therapy, but I am so stuck in the IBS/D rut. Anyone else tried the mentioned therapy? sc from NW Florida, and yes, it is cold today…

    IBS and social life

    I’ve started suffering from IBS 5 years ago. My episode then went on for about 8 months or so . That means having diarrhea everyday, not being able to leave the house for about 3 or 4 hours after I’ve woken up, skipping school, feeling always tires.. I think you know what I am talking about. For the next 4 years things went smoothly, as in I would have diarrhea like one day out of five, but I could handle that with a bit of loperamide.

    But 4 months ago, I started to have diarrhea everyday again, and it’s totally ruined my social life. I have no idea how to explain it to people, and I just can’t. I always have to skip things, I try to wake up at 5 if I have to leave at 8 but sometimes I just snooze the alarm and I have to skip my education. It’s always the worst in the morning. Is it like that for you too?

    I find myself unable to make new friends because I am embarassed to explain it to them. People always seem to think that it’s your fault when you’re sick. I am starting to believe that it’s my fault too… I just feel like I can’t do social life anymore. I am afraid of travelling as it’s hard finding a toilet. I am so tired of living with IBS myself and I just can’t cope with seeing the people close to me getting tired of me living with it too.
    Also, I can’t stand being told to do things anymore. Stop eating meat! Start drinking more water! It’s your fault, you have to stop doing that! How can people who have 0 knowledge of IBS compared to the 1000 doctors I saw really believe that they know more about it?

    Has anyone experienced similar things?

    Nutrition and Health

    This month we’re talking about nutrition and health! Join in on the conversation and tell us about the role nutrition plays in the management of your IBS. Is it difficult to get the nutrients that you need because of so many foods trigger symptoms? Have you figured out a way to manage your symptoms successfully and still eat a balanced and nutritious diet? Any experience, good or bad, that you would like to share? Please join in the conversation!


    I am new to this website. In 2012 I had my gal bladder taken out. Since then I have had horrible digestive troubles. I was finally diagnosed with IBS earlier this year. My doctor put me on some prescriptions MEDS but they only give so much relief. While having a bad episode I took it upon myself to do some relief research. I found some articles of people talking about some natural MEDS offering relief. Licorice root, and alo Vera pills specifically. I went out today and bought both and decided to try them for the first time tonight (12/10/17). Was wondering if anyone has ever tried these for relief or have any other remedies. My symptoms include pain, daily acid reflux, daily belching, constipation, dirreaha, and nausa. to add to the mix of things. When I start getting bad symptoms I noticed I have started getting anxiety. Please help. Thanks!!!

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