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General Discussion

Suffering for 20 years

  • By andyP2

    Hi there!

    I have been suffering with super sudden onsets of diarrhea for 20 years now (I’m 30). I basically need to go with no warning and I have to find a loo within minutes.

    Having seen many doctors over the years, not one of them told me it’s IBS but they can rule out any other issues (i.e. Chron’s disease).

    The sudden onsets of diarrhea are quite random. Sometimes I am good for several months, sometimes it’s multiple times a day for a week. There is no correlation between the foods I eat and when it happens – sometimes I eat loads of dairy, wheat and fruit with no issues, sometimes a cup of tea with milk sets me off.

    I am not taking any medication or supplements at this stage.

    I work at weddings for a living so most weekends I need to know that I won’t have a sudden onset of diarrhea in the middle of a wedding ceremony!

    I would love to hear from others, maybe someone can help me! Thanks so much in advance for any insights, shared experiences or advice!

  • By ldonne

    Hi AndyP2,
    For years I couldn’t figure out why I was always in the bathroom for the majority of my mornings. Never once thought I was lactose intolerant. Ever since I completely cut out dairy I no longer have this problem. I’m more ibs-c with occasional ibs-D.
    You might want to try cutting out dairy or sticking to same foods for a week to see what happens.
    I also found the soda ( any soda) is a no for me. Crampy and diarrhea.

    Hope this is helpful from my experiences.