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General Discussion


  • By MindfulFermentation

    Does anyone notice Daily or weekly patterns with their issues?

    I know Anxiety has patterns that we need to be aware of. But I’m noticing that my Bowel can be very sluggish on Mondays, but come Tuesdays my Bowel is out of control (now slightly over active) despite my constant incomplete evacuation!

    Just a pattern I’ve noticed. I’ve sometimes worked from home Tuesdays and even called in before.

    I’m thinking some of it is changes in sleeping/meals etc on the weekend. I try to keep the same patterns on the weekends, but let’s face it, sometimes you eat a meal a little later or feel like staying up a bit later.

    But Anxiety and Depression play a HUGE role in my IBS and I know I get super anxious on Sundays thinking about the week starting…

    One of my big goals for 2019 is to be more cognizant of my IBS symptoms, but even more of my thought patterns. You can trace / track food and IBS symptoms, but I feel like my mental health takes such a big toll on me that I need to focus on the following:
    First catch the “thinking errors” and then, second having ways to “disarm” them and get back to a better/neutral place mentally.

    I just bought a pack of ACT cards, so I can practice some new thought habits on a daily basis. ACT stands for acceptance and commitment therapy.

    I’m also trying Tony Robbin’s Priming “Technique” in the Mornings for the new year. This is sometimes hard when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, ha.

    What are your Patterns?

    What are your 2019 Health Goals?

  • By fromNZ

    Hello my friend, I’m still trying to figure out if there are patterns, I haven’t been officially diagnosed but some tests that are coming back are clear so its pointing more at ibs. My struggle is pain!! Alot of it to the point I’m keeled over or have to go lye down. Its extremely debilitating and taking so much of my quality of life from me. My stomach seems to be constantly cramping, feels like I need to use the toilet but nothing there, I get bladder pressure/pains, the lower back pains and stabbing pains which can be all through the abdomen area.
    My goals for this year are to try get some sort of a hold on what’s going on with me and try get some sort of control over it so I can regain some quality of life because at the moment I have none. Thank you all for taking time to read

    • By guzman

      Hi,I am going through a long period of pain that started almost a month ago and had been getting worse. I went to the ER twice and the abdomen scan and blood work are normal. The pain is mainly in the lower center of the abdomen and sometimes other areas. The gastro concluded it is IBS but although I have a lot of food intolerances and IBS symptoms for many years, I never had pain like this. Cramps, stabbing pain that even wakes me up at night and I shiver. I need to know if someone else gets these symptoms. It sounds like you do but I am being explicit so hopefully it resonates with other patients. Fear kicks in when you are not sure about a diagnosis. Thanks

    • By Marci Kallick Moderator

      Hi @guzman,

      Thanks for posting! I completely understand your concern and worry, as I’ve actually found myself in the ER twice for abdominal pain as well (NOT fun I know! Haha). While I wish I could provide you with a clear answer, unfortunately, we cannot provide you medical or diagnostic advice over the internet (for your safety). If you haven’t already, speaking with your doctor about the symptoms you’re experiencing would be the best course of action. In the meantime, we do have more information about IBS symptoms here:
      Please check back in and let us know how you’re doing.


    • By jvermillion

      I have been woke up numerous times with pains in my stomach. Just this morning I was awoken at 6 am from a sharp shooting pain with the feeling of urgently needing to rush to the bathroom and nothing. I get hot and cold sweats and shaky. And of course my anxiety goes crazy bcuz even tho I’ve been thru this multiple times I think this is the one that’s going to finish me off because the pain is so intense my brain doesn’t know what to do. I ended up hanging out on the toilet for 2 hours with waves of deep intense pain almost passed out a couple times I was freezing but sweating so I had to open the window (it was about 10 degrees here this morning) because for some reason having that sub freezing air blow on me makes the pain more bearable. It’s horrible. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy.

    • By Marci Kallick Moderator

      Hi @jvermillio,

      I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing. All of us at can relate to what you shared on some level…whether it’s the pain, the anxiety, or even the “tricks” we use to get through the tough moments (ie- freezing cold air). Please know this community is here to support you through shared experiences, education, and providing a safe space to vent as needed. 🙂
      In the meantime, I’m sharing this link to an article you may find humorous…and possibly life changing!

      ~Marci ( team)