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Nutrition and Health

  • By AmnaR Keymaster

    This month we’re talking about nutrition and health! Join in on the conversation and tell us about the role nutrition plays in the management of your IBS. Is it difficult to get the nutrients that you need because of so many foods trigger symptoms? Have you figured out a way to manage your symptoms successfully and still eat a balanced and nutritious diet? Any experience, good or bad, that you would like to share? Please join in the conversation!

  • By nannypf4

    I have IC, IBS and I’m sure leaky gut disease. I crave carbs and I think that is where most of my problems began. I started having symptoms like UTI back in October of last year. It got so bad I couldn’t leave the house and for a couple of weeks I might have gotten 2 hours sleep in the 2 weeks. One week, I never went to bed, just walked the floor and cried what time I wasn’t in the bathroom. The pressure was so bad I thought my bladder was about to fall out. I finally after a lot weeks broke down and went to a doctor, I thought it was a prolapsed bladder. It wasn’t that even though it has dropped. I told the doctor I thought I had some IC going on. After the examination, she said she didn’;t think so, she said I was extremely low on estrogen so she subscribed premarin cream. It helped but still having issues, finally my regular doctor said, yes, you do have some IC issues. Went on a diet and got that pretty much straightened out along with all kind of herbs. Then my IBS started kicking in. Thank God they didn’t both hit at the same time. I started researching, researching. Now I am on an grain free diet and both problems are so much better. I still have some issues, but my energy is coming back and I feel so much better. I know the leaky gut is the problem with people like me, and it is nothing short of our bad eating habits, the american diet. I love cheese but stay away from it. I drink nothing but water, lemon water, mint tea, coconut milk, and herbal coffee. The diet really helps. I know I’m not cured but I am feeling so much better and I have my life back. For those that are suffering, take it from me, the diet really helps, along with a good probiotic, and a good chlorphyll, and good vitamins.

    • By Chris Hall Keymaster

      Thanks for sharing that with us, nannypf4. I’m glad to hear that it sounds like the days and nights you experienced back in October are gone. It’s great to hear that you’ve experienced a lot of relief through your diet. We appreciate the tips! A lot of folks have also found probiotics to be very helpful. Haven’t read too much about chlorophyll supplements, but I’ll look into it more! Thanks again for commenting. – Chris, Team Member

  • By DorisE

    me either anonymous
    i sometimes feel like i am in Survivor.. and imagine eating a fesh green mixed salad, spaghetti and meatballs, hakf a bix if chocolates!!
    even on a plain diet i still have diarrhea.. only the anti diarrhea meds stop it, but seem to be taking more and more pills
    i hopeto Heaven tgat one day they will be able to give everyone their lives back… eating well is crucial to life and even enjoyment.. niw dont even have the fun part of cooking a tasty spicy meal … ah, memories!