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New here; Scared to Go to Class and Bullied By Dorm Neighbhors

  • By merp123

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here. I’m not sure sure if I truly have IBS but I’m in a dark place in my life because of my GI so I thought maybe I’d find some sympathy here. I was very stressed out when I left my home but, since I started grad school my life has been hell. I don’t know if a combo of stress and not eating on time caused it but one day out of nowhere, my stomach and bowels had started gurgling and making weird, embarrassing gassy sounds in lecture and since then it had never stopped 24/7. It used to do this all day and all night and the apartment dorm building I live in has paper thin walls, all my neighbors have been hearing it day in and day out. They’ve taken to harassing and bullying me when they can non-stop since then. Especially the girls who live next door (our bedrooms are separated by a thin wall). I understand they’re frustrated but I can’t control it. I stay mostly in my room now and barely come out, trying to ignore all the harsh things people say, and the guys who live across the inner courtyard will watch my room through the balcony and spy/gossip/film me although I haven’t been able to prove it to authorities yet. Then later on, next door will complain about me (now they hate on everything I do without reason) until late at night. I have a hard time going to sleep, fearing my stomach will make these embarrassing sounds and hearing them humiliate me. If they hear something they make fun of me amongst themselves then go to my other neighbors across the hall and tell them and they’ll ridicule me together.They know I know what they’re doing, so they’re sneaky about it since they watch and listen for my every move. It’s a whole gang surveillance kind of thing where I’m the target. I had a similar situation at home, and now I’m dealing with it again – but this time on my own with no one round me for support. Some of them are in my class and they’ve been mocking and ridiculing me and spreading rumors all over the small city campus I’m in so random strangers will point me out and laugh at me too. Perhaps cyberbullying, I’m not sure because I don’t have social media and I’m not sure how all these people know me. Everywhere I go, I can’t find peace. My suite-mates hate me and do the same behind my back while ignoring me to my face. I’ve talked with higher-ups and they’ve been unprofessional- ridiculing me behind my back with everyone else (maintenance, etc.) I’ve also had acid problems. People think I’m hungry or that I’m overreacting. Right now I’m taking PPis and they’ve helped some but when I sleep I still make these awful noises. And eventually I’ll have to come off of them. Last night, I woke at 3 in the morning trying to contain my stomach noises but failed for a good 2 hours and I overheard my suitemates and roommates talking and laughing about it it since this morning. The building is so quiet you can hear a pin drop unless people are talking – then you can hear every word. All this bullying is making me stress more than I am already. Because of it, I’ve been skipping classes and avoiding my cohort who legitimately look down on me and will drag me for sport behind my back. They all attack and criticize me behind my back. It’s too late to transfer back as I had originally rejected my state school to go out of state, but it’ll look bad to beg them to take me back. Deadline shave passed. And the lease I signed is unbreakable – I can only go to 2 other apt. buildings with the same setup in this area if and only if they have space (which they don’t) so really, I’m stuck here for the whole year until August. I’m scared and trying to keep it together but no matter what I do, I’m still not sure if it’ll change anything. Nothing has showed up on my test results so far so I’m unsure if there is any solution when I don’t know how to deal with everything.

  • By Andrea Hardy RD Moderator


    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. is a supportive community and I’m glad you feel safe sharing here. There is some great content on coping with IBS and gut issues – from nutrition, to people sharing their experience.

    As a dietitian, I know many times there is nutrition & psychology services available on campus to help support students in difficult situations like this – I’d suggest starting at the crisis centre on your campus and seeing if they can connect you with more supportive resources – as I know they’re often excellent at helping students in difficult situations.

    I hope that helps as a starting point!

    -Andrea Hardy, RD moderator

  • By Gasguy72

    I had the same issues that started in college and for 15 years after that and I finally found what it is that gives me the noisy embarrassing stomach. Gluten. I went off gluten for 3 weeks and immediately noticed a difference. Now if I eat it all them stomach noises come back and haunt me. Try going gluten free for a few weeks, you may hear them time to time as it clears through your system but after that should be fine. I feel like I have a new life now. Also noticed different bowel movements and no more bloating either. Hope this helps.

  • By Thinblueline05

    Hi, new to this forum but I understand how you feel.

    I was in college a few years ago and failed out. Not because I didn’t care, but because I was fighting anxiety and IBS.

    I would get the chills constantly in class, I always had the urge to go to the bathroom and I would find relief on the toilet. I was embarrassed and didn’t seek help until I got kicked out.

    I was put on Celexa for anxiety which has helped my IBS a little. As I am typing this I have the worst stomach pain on the right side of my stomach… went to the doc and she said it could be the beginning stage of appendicitis but could also be ibs flaring up.

    If you have anxiety please do not google sympstoms and pain locations.. I really trip myself out and make myself believe I have something more serious.

    It’s very hard to live this life style because my anxiety always makes my mind go crazy when I experience pain.

  • By Lana

    Hello merp123,

    I really want to know after 4 months, how are you dealing with your situation. I understand you completely, I’ve been in the same situation when I was a teen and I was almost sure that 3 of 4 people in school, bus, neighborhood knew who I was because of the gossip, though I didn’t know them. Years later I’m still not sure if it was partially my paranoia or was all reality. But for one thing I was right people don’t mind at all their business, they like to make fun of others and any reason is good. Even years after school I’ve experienced bulling from guys I have never meet, every day going to work I used to walk in front of their shop. I heard their despising words and laughs occasionally. I didn’t know them but they’ve heard about me. IBS is a mark, it persecutes us despite time and destinations we change. I don’t want to fill you with negative energy… If you want to feel in peace make everything possible to get away from places and people that impact you negatively, even this means to loose opportunities in your life. If you can’t bear the situation and think that everything, good or bad, is temporary (even us in this life) then just go to your family, it is probably the only place you will find comfort. Then start your life again even this means sacrificing your ambitions. Right now the only consolation (if I can call it so) is that everything is transitional so it will pass. Hope you will find peace 🙏