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General Discussion

Low salt water can cause IBS?

  • By Miro88

    Hi, I drank for 2 years a water with a very low level of mineral salt and fixed residue and then I started having problems like hard dyspepsia and diarrhea, especially after eating fruits, vegetables, sweat and glutin (even if I’m not celiac!). I tryed to follow FODMAP diet, but my diet is much more restrictive than that one! I wonder if the problem is in the water that I’ve been drinking… do you think that this kind of water (low minerals) could cause a sort of an “atrophy” of intestine if drunk for a long period? Is it an absurd idea? Thanks

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Hi, @miro88 – Thanks for posting! I haven’t heard from others here in the community about low levels of mineral salts in water. If you are concerned with the level of minerals you’re consuming, checking in with your doctor or registered dietitian would be a good option. They can make any necessary dietary recommendations to ensure you’re getting adequate mineral intake. Hope this helps. – Chris, Team