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General Discussion

IBS-M and Bipolar

  • By Ysabet

    Hey-yo, all.

    I’m Lisa, new here, and have been diagnosed with IBS. While my diagnosis was only several years ago, it is evident I’ve had it most of my life, certainly all my adult life, and I’m 54 now. I live in middle Tennessee and am a disabled housewife.

    I also suffer from diverticulosis (was in the hospital a few years ago with diverticulitis), bipolar, schizo (to a point), and PTSD. I’ve had a very rough childhood and young adult life. I also have arthritis – both kinds, and asthma. Yeah, it’s a mess. Fortunately, I have a very supportive spouse (boringly healthy) and teenager (asperger’s).

    I’ve been reading the articles here and so much falls into place, especially about diet. Though, I find, for me, having a glass of red wine or cider calms the pain when it flares up, but no more than that or it makes me very sick. I agree with the article about not eating large meals – has worked for me for years and was something I learned when weight lifting. Oddly enough, I find something salty helps sometimes, but that may be because I generally don’t take in a lot of salt.

    Anyway, I just wanted to intro myself and I hope to find some like souls out there to chat with :> I tend to be rather recluse IRL. Of myself, I love to read, play modded minecraft, do crafts, and when possible, work out.

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Hi, Lisa – welcome! We’re so glad you joined us! Really glad that you’ve been finding the articles helpful so far.

    It certainly sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve had to deal with. Having a supportive family makes a big difference! Additionally, I think you’ll find that the folks in this community to be a great support network here on our site and our Facebook page:

    If there’s ever any information we can help you find, please let us know! Since you mentioned that you love to read, any recent favorites that you finished? Take care! – Chris, Team Member

  • By Ysabet

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so glad I found y’all.

    Chris – I tend to read a lot of Sci Fi/ Fantasy, with my favs being Anne McCaffery and Rick Cook. I’m about to embark on a visit back to the Sword of Shannara series as well.

    Thanks again!

  • By Becky Oleson Moderator

    Hi Lisa, welcome to the community! I echo Chris’s sentiments – I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much. I think we are only just beginning to understand the role a difficult childhood can play in contributing to chronic conditions. A few of our contributors have shared that they deal with both IBS and Bipolar Disorder, and many community members also struggle with mental health conditions in addition to IBS, so you’re definitely not alone. I’m hoping others will chime in soon with their experiences, too. The books you’re reading sound interesting — maybe I’ll have to start a new series, too!

    Really hope you find your tribe here.

    Becky, team member