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  • By TimS

    Has anyone used this medicine? Work? Doesn’t work?

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Hi @tims – Thanks for posting here! We’ve heard many community members speak about IBGard. Like any IBS treatment, it’s worked for some but not for others. While we wait for others to chime in with their experiences, I thought I’d share this article about peppermint oil, since that is the active ingredient in IBGard: Hope this helps! – Chris, Team

  • By JClarke

    I use IBGard. It does help to alleviate mild pain and bloating. I also use a heating pad if the tummy rumbling is too bad. I keep the IBGard on hand all the time. I have GERD, also. So I have to really judge when I use it. I also have just rubbed peppermint oil on my stomach and that helps too.