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Crohn's disease and my second injection of Entyvio

  • By MattHilley

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in February. However after another doctor performed a second colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I spent 7 days in the hospital and was given an injection of Remicade. It went well and I was released. When the next injection was due I had a severe allergic reaction and treatment was stopped only 20 minutes into it. My doctor took precautions the next time, but I still had an allergic reaction. The next week my doctor had it approved for me to get Entyvio. I had no problem with this medication. Yesterday I had my second dose. Everything went well. I am not sure, but I haven’t seen many people on this medication yet. I felt a little better a week after my first dose. I was just wondering has anyone had Entyvio, and how long it took to feel good?

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Hi MattHilley,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us! I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the allergic reaction you had. While not as a result of a medication, I’ve had severe allergic reactions, too, and it’s pretty scary! We actually have a sister site for Crohn’s disease here: Additionally, someone also posted in their forums about Entyvio here: This site has a ton of great information that I hope you find helpful. Thanks for commenting!