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Can a colonoscopy worsen IBS?

  • By CharlotteAB

    I had a colonoscopy today as part of my journey to finding out what is causing my frequent loose stools and vague abdominal discomfort. The colonoscopy was the last in a long line of tests I have had done so far. The colonoscopy showed absolutely nothing wrong with my colon. Excellent news, of course, but I am still having diarrhea 7 hours after the procedure, and it seems as if the lunch I ate when I got home from the hospital passed through my entire system in about 5 hours. I am not sure if this is a lingering result of the Pico Salax I had to take last night and this morning as part of my colonoscopy prep. Has anyone else found that a colonoscopy worsened IBS symptoms? I am assuming I have IBS as all the tests I have had show nothing else wrong.